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Why is my traeger squealing? (Explained)

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If your Traeger is squealing, it could be due to several factors.

First, check to see if anything is blocking the grill’s vents. If the vents are blocked, the grill may overheat and start to squeal.

Another possible reason for squealing could be that the grill’s igniter needs to be replaced.

Finally, it’s also possible that the grill’s auger motor is defective and needs to be replaced. If you’re unsure of what is causing your grill to squeal, contact a certified Traeger technician for assistance.

Traeger Sequel Troubleshooting

If your Traeger Sequel is making an abnormal noise, it could be due to several different issues. Here are some potential causes and solutions to help get your smoker back on track:

  1. Dirty or old grease in the auger motor: If there is old or dirty grease in the auger motor, it can cause the gears to bind and make an unpleasant noise. Simply clean out the auger motor with a rag and some degreaser to fix this. You may also need to replace the auger motor if it is excessively dirty or damaged.
  2. Damaged or loose fan blade: Another potential cause of squealing from your Traeger Sequel is a damaged or loose fan blade. If you notice that the blades are damaged, simply replace them with new ones. If the blades are loose, you can try to tighten them yourself or contact customer service for assistance.
  3. Worn out pellet auger: Over time, the pellet auger can become worn out and make noise as it turns. You may be able to fix this problem by lubricating the auger with food-grade grease. However, if the auger is excessively worn, you will need to replace it.
  4. Clogged ash pan: If your ash pan is full or clogged, it can cause the smoker to overheat and make squealing noises. To fix this, simply empty out the ash pan and clean it with a rag and some soapy water.
  5. Loose or damaged control panel: If the control panel on your Traeger Sequel is loose or damaged, it can cause the smoker to malfunction and make squealing noises. To fix this, you will need to replace the control panel.

Traeger Customer Service

Traeger Customer Service is top-notch! Customers contacted the customer service department when their Traeger where started squealing.

Simply contact customer service, and they will quickly diagnose the problem and send the parts needed to fix it. They are very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

Traeger Blackburn

Traeger Blackburn grills are well-known for their quality and durability. However, like any grill, they can sometimes have problems. One problem you might encounter is a squealing noise coming from the grill.

If you think that something is caught in the fan blades, you should turn off the power to the grill and then remove the cover. Once you have done this, take a look at the fan blades and see if anything is caught in them. Simply remove it and then put the cover back on if there is.

Is It Normal for Traegers to Squeal and Make Noise?

Some people who own Traeger grills notice that their grill makes a squealing noise when in use. This can be alarming, especially if you’re not used to it. However, this noise is perfectly normal in most cases and nothing to worry about.

Traegers use an auger to feed pellets into the firepot. The auger is driven by a motor, which can sometimes make a high-pitched squealing sound when it’s running.

This is usually nothing to worry about and doesn’t indicate any problems with your grill.

If the squealing noise is accompanied by unusual smells, smoke, or is louder than normal, there may be a problem with your grill, and you should contact customer service for assistance.

How Do You Clear an Auger Jam on a Traeger?

If your Traeger has trouble feeding pellets into the firepot, it may be because the auger is jammed.

This can happen if there are any foreign objects in the path of the auger, such as pieces of food or even small rocks.

If your auger is jammed, you’ll need to clear the obstruction before your grill works properly again.

The first step is to turn off your grill and unplug it from the power source. Then, use a long object like a broom handle or chopstick to reach into the feed chute and dislodge the obstruction.

Why is My Traeger Popping?

Some Traeger owners may notice their grill making popping noises. More often than not, the noise is simply caused by trapped air bubbles escaping from the auger tube.

This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about.

However, if the popping noise persists or is accompanied by strange smells or smoke, it could signify a bigger issue. An obstruction in the burn pot may be the problem.

Something may be blocking the flow of oxygen, causing the wood pellets to smolder rather than burn cleanly. This can quickly build up to dangerous creosote deposits inside the burn pot and flue pipe.

Final Thoughts

Check it out if your Traeger is making squealing or popping noises, but don’t panic.

These sounds are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about in most cases. However, if the noise is accompanied by strange smells or smoke, it could be a sign of a problem, and you should contact customer service.