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BBQ Dropout was founded in 2020 as a way to help people reach their barbecue goals, and has since evolved into a one-stop source for the ultimate resource for all things related to outdoor cooking, smoking meats, and any type of cooking grill.

At BBQ Dropout, you’ll learn about how to smoke and grill the best meats, while also getting expert advice on how to operate many of the popular grills on the market. We are all about having fun and helping you fulfill your journey to become a world-class Pitmaster.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to smoke brisket, pork, ribs, or how to operate any type of smoker or grill – you have certainly come to the right place!

Meet The Team

About Robert McCall

Robert is the founder of BBQ Dropout and has over a decade experience in smoking meats. He operates a variety of cooking appliances on a daily basis and can produce the best smoked barbecue around town.