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Traeger Auger Making Noise? (Explained)

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Traeger auger making noise

The augur on a Traeger grill usually makes noise as it works.

However, if the augur clicks, pops, or otherwise makes an unusual noise, it should be carefully checked by examining the mechanism, after the grill has cooled.

Does Traeger auger make noise?

The Traeger augur is a mechanical system, so, like any other machine, it will always make some noise as it works merrily away sending pellets to the fire box to help you grill your food to perfection.

Only when the augur makes an unusual noise, or when it begins to smoke or grind, does it pose a problem.

Do you have to prime your auger every time Traeger?

The augur on the Traeger is designed to take pellets from the hopper into the fire box.

It does this by feeding approximately the same number of pellets forward with each turn.

As a rule you should not need to prime the augur on the grill to make it work properly.

Indeed, artificially forcing the flow of pellets may cause the augur to malfunction or shorten its lifespan.

Allowing it to function normally and without interference is usually better.

Why is my Traeger auger making noise?

An augur is a mechanical device and will normally make noise whenever it is in operation.

If the augur makes an unusual noise, is louder than usual, or makes a noise along with smoke or an unusual smell, the augur has some difficulty and may need to be serviced or replaced.

Often, the augur only needs to be cleaned, especially if it has only recently started to make noise.

The augur can have grease and ash fall into it, and may simply need a good cleaning with a brush or cloth.

Similarly, the augur needs periodic lubrication, if the metal parts aren’t to rub against one another. 

Traeger auger making popping noise

If the augur makes a clicking or popping noise, there could be a couple of different reasons. 

An occasional click or pop is usually fine.

This noise is probably due to a pellet being moved through the augur.

Not all pellets are the same size and shape, and so occasionally one will not feed properly through the augur.

It will instead make noise every step of the way as the augur tries to move it to the fire box.

An augur can also make a clicking or popping noise if the augur motor needs servicing, or if the fan is meeting with an obstruction.

You can check the fan to make certain it is unobstructed by any objects.

A zip tie is used to hold wires out of the way, and this is often the cause of the problem.

A dent in the body of the grill can also be an issue.

How do I fix the auger on my Traeger

The most common problem for an augur on a Traeger is a jam caused, usually, by damp pellets which swell up to clog the mechanism.

This is easily fixed using the process described below.

You can use the same procedure to open the augur mechanism to inspect it.

There are several steps to clear a jammed augur on a Traeger.

A youtube video by Traeger customer service provides detailed instructions, which are summarized below: 

You will need a Phillips and a regular screw driver, as well as a 7/64” allen wrench key, and a pipe wrench.

You may also want to have a set of pliers and some tool which has a flat edge on it to clean out the jam.

A hammer claw might work, but a small pry bar or putty scraper might also serve well.

You will also want to have a shop vac to clear out the debris in the firepot and hopper.

The pellet hopper is located on the right side of the Traeger.

This will need to be removed to gain access to the grill itself.

First, the controller must be removed from the door.

The controller is held on by two screws, top and bottom.

Unscrew these.

There is no need to remove the controller completely by pulling out the wires.

Rather, set it gently inside the mounting hole it came out of, so that it is protected from being bumped or damaged.

Next, the hopper needs to be removed.

There are four screws which connect it to the body of the grill.

Two are in the front, and two in the back.

When the last screw is removed, be sure to provide some support to the bottom of the hopper, so that it does not fall off.

Lift it up gently and pull it out.

As you pull, the controller will be pulled through the body of the hopper and out.

It will hang by its wiring, but this shouldn’t be a problem.

The augur is now accessible and can be cleared. 

The shear pin connects the augur motor to the augur shaft.

Use the pliers to hold the nut in place, and use the allen wrench to unscrew the bolt from the shaft.

Take the motor off and set it aside.

A bushing covers the augur shaft.

This may be either a regular flat head or a Phillips screw.

The augur shaft should be able to turn.

Very wet pellets can hold it tightly in place.

If you are unable to turn it by hand, you will need to use the pipe wrench to turn it.

Keep turning the augur until you have pulled it out completely from the hopper.

Once the augur is out of the augur shaft, you can use your flat tool to start clearing the pellets and debris from the hopper.

Sometimes, you can use the augur to drill the debris out.

Simply move it into and out of the shaft, using the point to help clear the pellets.

Clear up the debris in the fire pot and hopper with a vacuum cleaner.

Once the augur shaft and fire pot are cleaned out, reassemble everything by reversing the steps above.

Traeger auger making grinding noise

The augur could make a grinding noise for several reasons.

If the pellets are wet, or are longer than the standard size used by the augur, the augur could make a noise.

In this case, the solution is simply to change the pellets for another brand or a fresh, dry supply.

If a screw has come loose and fallen into the mechanism, this can also cause a grinding noise.

Similarly, the augur and its motor may simply need some lubrication.

The augur mechanism can be dismantled using the steps described above, and inspected.

However, it is quite possible that the augur has become bent, or a gear in the augur assembly may have gone bad.

In this case, the augur or its assembly may need to be fully replaced.

If you suspect this may be the case, call Traeger customer service or a service technician who repairs grills for help.

Final thoughts 

The augur is designed to give years of service, with careful maintenance.

Inspection of any unusual noises can ensure that your grill lasts for a lifetime.