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7 Tips For Using A Traeger Jerky Rack 

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A Traeger jerky rack is the perfect way to make delicious, homemade beef jerky. The racks are specially designed to keep the meat from sticking, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit any Traeger grill.

Making your own beef jerky is a great way to save money and get exactly the flavor you want. And with a Traeger jerky rack, it’s easy to get perfectly cooked results every time.

Does Traeger Come with a Jerky Rack?

If you’re a fan of jerky, you might be wondering if Traeger offers a Jerky Rack as an accessory along with the grill. Unfortunately, Traeger does not sell a Jerky Rack accessory with the grill. It is sold separately.

The Traeger Ironwood 885 jerky rack is for sale, and there are several third-party options available for purchase.

When it comes to smoking jerky, it’s essential to use the correct type of rack. A wire rack will work fine, but we recommend using a stainless steel or aluminum foil rack. This will help prevent the jerky from sticking to the rack and making a mess. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make jerky, we suggest checking out our list of the best jerky makers. With one of these handy devices, you’ll be able to make delicious jerky in no time!

Traeger Ironwood 885 Jerky Rack

If you’re a fan of smoked meats, you know that one of the best things you can make at home is jerky. And if you want to make the best possible jerky, you need a good quality jerky rack.

The Traeger Ironwood 885 Jerky Rack is one of the best on the market, and for a good reason.

It’s made from high-quality stainless steel, so it’s built to last. And it has a non-stick coating, so your meat will never stick to it.

It also has a unique design that allows for even smoking your meat. So, no matter what kind of meat you’re using, it will come out perfectly cooked every time.

Can You Buy a Jerky Rack for Traeger?

Yes, you can purchase a jerky rack for your Traeger at any location that sells Traeger products. You can also find them online or in the accessories section that sells the Traeger.

Why Would You Use a Jerky Rack in A Traeger?

If you love beef jerky, then you need a Traeger jerky rack. You can easily make delicious, homemade beef jerky right in your own backyard with this handy accessory.

Just choose your favorite cut of beef, season it to perfection, and let the Traeger do the rest. You’ll have perfectly cooked beef jerky that’s packed with flavor in no time at all.

The best part about making your own beef jerky is controlling the ingredients. Just add the right seasonings, and you’re good to go. With a Traeger jerky rack, the possibilities are endless.

So if you’re looking for a great way to make delicious, homemade beef jerky, you need a Traeger jerky rack. With this handy accessory, you can easily make perfect beef jerky at any time. And with so many different flavors to choose from, you’ll never get bored. 

How Do You Make Jerky in a Traeger?

Making jerky in a Traeger is simple and yields excellent results thanks to the consistent low heat provided by the grill. Here’s everything you need to know about making jerky in a Traeger grill:

1. Choose your meat. The best cuts of meat for jerky are lean and have little fat content. This will help ensure that your jerky doesn’t spoil quickly. Some good choices for jerky include flank steak, top round, or eye of round.

2. Cut the meat into strips. The strips should be around ¼-inch thick so they will dry evenly.

3. Season the meat. You can use any number of seasonings or marinades to flavor your jerky. Just make sure to use a light hand with the salt since it can cause the meat to spoil more quickly.

4. Preheat your grill. Set the temperature to 165 degrees Fahrenheit using the smoke setting if your grill has one.

5. Place the strips of meat on the jerky rack and insert them into the grill.

6. Cook the jerky for 4-6 hours, or until it is dry and brittle.

7. Remove the jerky from the grill and let it cool. Once it is cooled, store it in an airtight container.

Do Jerky Rackets Fit Inside Traegers?

You might be wondering if you can use a jerky rack inside your Traeger grill. The answer is yes!

You can fit a jerky rack inside a Traeger, and it’s actually a great way to make homemade beef jerky.

A jerky rack is basically a wire rack that has been designed for drying meat. It allows the meat to be evenly exposed to the heat, crucial for making good beef jerky.

Traeger grills are perfect for making beef jerky because they generate a lot of even heat. This means that your beef jerky will be perfectly cooked without any risk of overcooking or undercooking.

Final Thoughts

Making jerky in a Traeger grill is a great way to enjoy this delicious snack without worrying about overcooking the meat.

Remember to use lean cuts of meat and keep an eye on the cooking time so your jerky isn’t too dry. Enjoy!