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8 Tips For Using Liquid Butter For Griddles

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What does liquid butter do to a grill?

Using liquid butter on a griddle adds color and flavor to anything you are cooking. 

To make your food as appetizing as possible, you will want it to taste great, and you will want to look great.

How to make liquid butter for a griddle?

Making liquid butter on your own to use on your griddle is possible. You will simply need to be patient and allow the butter and other substances that you use to melt on the griddle at a low heat setting.

It may take some time given that the heat is not set as high as you would for cooking meat.

However, you will get wonderful cooking butter that you can use every time you go to prepare something on your griddle.

Most people can see the benefit of using liquid butter that they’ve created for themselves.

They get to customize it just the way they want, and there’s a certain level of satisfaction with having made a substance yourself. Besides that, you will know everything that went into the liquid butter that you made on your own.

That is something that encourages many grillmasters to take on the cause of making liquid butter for themselves.

Can you use butter on Blackstone griddle?

Of course you can use butter on a Blackstone griddle. In fact, many people recommend that you do this in order to keep the surface lubricated and able to be used for a long period of time.

In addition, adding butter to the griddle as a little bit of extra flavor to anything that you cook on it. Obviously, you will want to make sure that all of your guests are able to consume better and that nobody has an allergy to anything that you may cook. 

Adding butter to meals that are prepared on the Blackstone griddle is so popular that many people make their own butter creations that they can use whenever they cook.

It is fun to get creative with it and come up with something that you have created all on your own. People love the ability to show off to their friends the various things that they have come up with.

It is easy to get into the mode of creating more and more interesting creations to be used on the griddle, and many people love that they are able to do this when they use butter as part of the process. 

How to keep butter liquid

Liquid butter must be stored away somewhere where it will be safe. 

You cannot simply leave it sitting out on your kitchen table. It will attract too many unwanted guests (aka rodents and the like) for it to be any good for you to use at all.

Thus, you should immediately refrigerate your butter after you create it if you want it to be useful for you going forward. 

Does Blackstone griddle use oil or butter?

Either butter or oil may be used on a Blackstone griddle. Some people will swear by one or the other, but you are welcome to use whichever one you believe it’s the best for your situation.

Many people begin by using oil as it is a more commonly used substance on a griddle.

However, once you have developed the skills necessary to create butter that you can use on your griddle, you may decide that you never want to go back to using oil again. It is all a matter of determining which one works best for you. 

Should you use liquid butter for a griddle?

You should certainly give it a try if for no other reason than to say that you have tried it. 

People like to give new experiences a go, and putting some liquid butter on your griddle can be the perfect way to experiment with something new that isn’t that far outside of the box.

You will get a flavor that you might not have enjoyed before, but that is the whole point. 

When should you be applying liquid butter to a griddle?

Liquid butter can go on your griddle at any time. You should apply it before you apply the meats or whatever else you are going to cook on the griddle. This will allow it to seep in just the way you want it to so that it will add the flavors and tastes that you want from it. 

Try to apply the liquid butter as evenly as possible throughout the griddle to allow the entire surface of your griddle to do what it needs to do. 

Final Thoughts

There are many great ways to use your Blackstone griddle, but you should never overlook how important it is to use liquid butter as part of the process. 

Many people have done it before, and you will also see how it can benefit you tremendously when you start to use it on a regular basis.

People will love to come over to your house for a wonderful cookout when they find out that you are working with liquid butter on your griddle.