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Can you use butter on a blackstone griddle? (Explained)

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Can butter be used on a Blackstone griddle?

Yes, you can use butter on a Blackstone griddle!

The Blackstone griddle is perfectly suited for using butter for flavor or extra slickness to your cooking foods. Particular attention should be paid to the butter while cooking, so it does not burn.

Otherwise, butter is okay when cooking various foods on the Blackstone griddle. 

The Blackstone griddle, even heat distribution, ensures a consistent cooking surface, and butter will enhance the flavor of many foods, including burgers and breakfast foods.

Remember, the butter heats quickly, so be ready for the sizzle to improve the taste of the bread, meats, or any number of vegetables.

What does using butter on a black stone griddle do?

Butter adds a smoky flavor to any food and is perfect for a Blackstone griddle!

By adding butter, foods look more delicious and enhance the anticipation for the food on the griddle. But a word of caution, if the food has a long cooking cycle, use oil to begin the cooking process and then add butter to complete the cooking.

Should you use butter while using a black stone griddle?

Use butter for a variety of foods to improve the Blackstone griddling experience!

When applied correctly, butter helps food from sticking to the griddle surface.

Making breakfast with pancakes, bacon, eggs, or a variety of other food is greatly benefited by the addition of butter. Elevate the griddle cooking experience by combining butter with your favorite cooking oil for superior results.

Does Blackstone griddle use oil or butter?

It is okay to use oil or butter on a Blackstone griddle.

Either oil or butter is appropriate to use on the Blackstone griddle. It just depends on your preference for your food preparation. Oil is typically the most common substance for a griddle, but it often becomes the preferred cooking oil once you learn how to cook with butter. The best butter for cooking is “Ghee” or clarified butter.

Melt good-quality butter over low heat to evaporate the water content to make clarified butter.

Occasionally, skim off the white foamy milk solids that form on top. When ready, spoon the clarified butter into a sealable container, careful not to scrape any solids from the bottom.

Ghee will last six months and quickly melt on a griddle with a high cooking smoke point of over 400 degrees.

Can you season Blackstone Griddles with butter?

Butter should not be used for the initial seasoning of a new Blackstone griddle.

Butter is not recommended for the initial seasoning of a Blackstone griddle due to its low temperature or smoke point. In addition, a new griddle needs a thick coating to give it a shiny, black finish that will be more durable than butter can provide.

Also, due to the salt and impurities found in bacon grease or other animal fats, they are not recommended due to impurities that may be destructive to the griddle surface.

Bacon grease is often used with a lot of success but is still not recommended for the initial seasoning.

At least season initially with a high-quality oil-based product, preferably Blackstone Seasoning or another product specifically designed to season new griddles.

Then, if you want to use bacon grease or any other fat, try it and see how the results are. Many great cooks swear by bacon grease, but not for the initial seasoning.

Final thoughts

The Blackstone griddle and cooking with butter.

Butter adds a lot of flavor and visual appeal to foods cooked on the Blackstone griddle. Cooking with butter is so popular that new devices are available to assist in what sometimes may be a messy process.

Among the suggestions to help apply butter to cooking processes are:

  • Butter Wheel – This device replaces a butter knife and butter dish. Place a stick of butter into the container, heat the Butter Wheel on the griddle, then slowly rotate the wheel to spread butter on your favorite bread for grilling.
  • Liquid butter is a high-quality liquid (clarified) butter that does not contain solids or water and can withstand much higher cooking temperatures. Pour the liquid butter on the griddle and cook your masterpiece!
  • Blackstone Upgrades – Several suggested upgrades to a Blackstone griddle to protect your investment and create a more enjoyable cooking experience. These upgrades include:
    • Windscreen – Assists covering your Blackstone griddle when weather is not conducive to cooking on windy days by blocking the wind.
    • Steamer Dome is an excellent accessory for melting cheese, steaming vegetables, or making frying bacon a safer process.
    • Blackstone Cover – To protect your Blackstone griddle investment, investing in a specially designed Blackstone griddle cover is recommended. The griddle cover materials are made to protect against sun, rain, snow, and mildew and buckle straps for inclement weather. 
    • Griddle Accessory Kit – Several Blackstone griddle accessory kits are available from various vendors, including Acmind, Yekale, and Ashihoti. These kits contain many Blackstone griddle accessories, including spatulas, thermometers, meat injectors, and basting covers. A good accessory kit will help ensure you have the very best Blackstone griddle experience.