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5 Things To Know If Your Blackstone Griddle Has A Yellow Flame

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Why does my Blackstone have a yellow flame?

You shouldn’t panic if you notice that your Blackstone griddle starts to have a yellow flame. It is merely a sign that the propane is mixing with the oxygen in the air around the griddle in a certain way that is causing it to show up like that. 

It might be something that you take a closer look at to make sure you are taking care of your griddle in just the right way, but it shouldn’t send you over the edge with worry.

There are a lot of reasons why the flame may show up as yellow, and you don’t need to pull the panic levers too quickly because of it. 

If you turn the griddle off and begin the process of cleaning it up, you will probably see that the yellow flame issues that you were dealing with before will go away rather quickly.

You just need to trust that the griddle is doing what it is supposed to do, and you are handling business as well by getting it cleaned up. 

How do you adjust the flame on a Blackstone griddle?

To adjust the flame on your Blackstone griddle you will need to use the knobs that are meant to adjust the air gates on this machine. 

Make sure that you have working air gates before you attempt to do this. If there is an obstruction with the air gate or some other kind of issue that is causing it not to work, you may need to make some changes before you can adjust the flame.

In the event the air gates are not working at all, you will need to turn the grill off and be allowed to cool down.

After you have allowed it to cool down for a while, you can take the top of the griddle off and begin to look at what is happening with the air gates. 

Why is my Blackstone griddle flame low?

The reason why your Blackstone griddle flame is so low will almost always have something to do with the air gates. 

If they become obstructed or blocked in some way, the flame will not be able to receive the oxygen that it needs in order to ignite and remain lit.

You should also check to make sure you’ve included enough propane for the griddle to do what he needs to do. There is a chance that the propane tank that you’ve been using is out.

Remember, Blackstone grills burn through propane rather quickly, so if you’re using a small tank, there’s the chance that you just ran out of propane at this point. 

It is best to stock up on propane tanks as soon as you can. There are propane tanks to come up to a size of 20 lb per tank. Those are the type of tanks that you need if you want to make significant progress with your Blackstone griddle.

Most people would prefer not to have to run to the store constantly in order to find the supplies that they need for their griddle. In order to avoid having to make constant trips to the store, you will want to go ahead and purchase the bulk-sized tanks and use them as needed.

Don’t be afraid the stock up more than you think you need, because you will likely be surprised by how quickly The griddle will consume propane.

If you have a flame that is not reaching the limits that you need it to, you should check the propane tanks.

What should you do if your Blackstone Griddle has a yellow flame?

Always take a moment to try to figure out where the yellow flame is coming from. You don’t want to assume that everything is okay with your griddle if they’re at the yellow flame present.

In all likelihood, it has to do with how the propane is reacting to the oxygen in the air.

Most likely there is a small obstruction somewhere on your griddle that is causing the problem. 

That said there could be more significant issues with the mechanics of your system, and you don’t want to take a chance on assuming that the yellow flame is nothing to worry about. Instead, make sure you refer to your owner’s manual to see if there’s anything else you can do besides clearing the air gates and checking on the propane status of your griddle.

If you are very concerned about the situation, you can always get in touch with customer service to see how they can help you get through this problem. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are many things that you can do to help ensure the quality of your griddle remains high at all times.

You can and should check on it regularly to ensure that you don’t have issues that could require you to call a customer service representative to see how to fix them.

It is always possible that you may run into issues of this magnitude, but you should try to find the less serious issues that may be causing you problems first. 

Blackstone griddles are known to be long-lasting and powerful. If you take care of them anytime you see an issue come up, they will take care of you when you call upon them for your outdoor cooking experiences. 

Don’t take a chance with a lesser griddle when you can have all of the power and prestige that comes with using a Blackstone one.