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5 Things To Know About Blackstone front grease cups

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What is a Blackstone front grease cup?

Blackstone griddle products are so well designed that they offer two different grease management systems on each griddle. This is to say that you will never have to worry about where the grease is going to flow off of your Blackstone griddle because it has multiple places where it can go.

The front grease cup is there to help capture all of the grease that might otherwise roll off the front side of your griddle and onto your deck or clothing. 

What Blackstone realized about the way that grease moves is that there is always potential for it to go in unexpected directions. Therefore, you want to make sure you are always prepared for how your cookout could change on you.

The Blackstone griddle will allow you to remain prepared and embrace the reality that cookouts can challenge you in various ways. Don’t be afraid of that thought, just embrace it. 

Where does the grease cup go on a Blackstone griddle?

There is a small lip at the front of the griddle where the grease cup is meant to be stationed. You put the grease cup there so that it can catch all of the grease that comes off of the griddle in the front.

You will remove the grease cup as it starts to become near full so you can empty all of that grease out of it for another use at some point down the road.

Don’t be afraid to handle this on a regular basis so you don’t have to keep running the grease back and forth wherever it needs to go. In other words, use the grease cup as intended and it will serve you well. 

Most griddles do NOT come with this added feature, so you know that you are truly getting something special when you use a Blackstone griddle. Just the fact that the company can offer this to you is an amazing deal. You get little extras like this when you decide that a Blackstone griddle is the best option for you specifically. 

What size are Blackstone grease cup? 

The grease cup for your Blackstone griddle comes with the following dimensions: 8 x 3.5 x 4 inches and they come in a pack of ten. This means that you get a lot more value when you buy them in a set of ten than if you had to buy them one at a time.

The company knows that you will only want to use the cup a limited number of times. The grease will start to impact the cup, and you will need to discard it. Thus, getting them in a pack of ten is a great way to continue to move from one to another more easily. 

The cups are large enough that they can hold a significant amount of grease in them, but they aren’t so large that things get out of control.

You need them to fit in the grease cup holder, but you also need to make sure you don’t get something that is oversized and therefore not of real value to you. It is possible to pull both of these goals off if you stick with the Blackstone branded grease cups specifically.

Do not substitute them for another brand or you might end up paying for something that won’t really work for your needs. 

How do you clean a grease trap on a Blackstone griddle?

You will need to clean out the grease traps on your Blackstone griddle from time to time. In fact, you should clean them out after each use so they don’t get clogged up. 

What you need to do is take the grease traps out and spray them down to remove all of the grease out of them. Then, you should take some cleaners that are specifically designed for a griddle and wipe the grease traps completely out until you don’t see any grease residue left in them.

You will want to make sure you use cleaning products that are approved for griddle use before proceeding. 

Never do any of these steps while the griddle is still hot, of course. You need to turn the griddle off completely and allow it to cool before you even attempt to remove the grease trap.

Also, try to remember that you need to get in there and get the grease traps cleaned up fairly quickly after you are done cooking.

The reason for this requirement is because you don’t want to give the grease time to start to harden in the grease trap.

If that occurs, then you are going to be in a tougher spot as far as cleaning out the trap. It simply becomes a lot more challenging to clean up a grease trap after the grease gets hard. Act quickly. 

Final thoughts

The cleaning process is part of owning a Blackstone griddle. It might not be the most fun thing in the world, but it must be done.

That said, it is nice that the makers at Blackstone have taken the time to create something that has a grease trap that you can use to capture a lot of the grease that otherwise would have fallen through the cracks.

You deserve to have a cooking experience that doesn’t get you bogged down, and the best way to make that happen is to use your Blackstone griddle the way that it was intended to be used. Keep the trap clean and appreciate that it is there for you to begin with.