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Blackstone griddle flame low? Here’s What To Do

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Why is my Blackstone griddle flame low?

The flame on your Blackstone griddle could be low for a variety of reasons. 

The most common issues that people tend to run into are that they have not got enough propane to make flame go higher, or that there is an issue with the air gates on the griddle.

Obstruction of the air gates can make it very difficult for the flame of a Blackstone griddle to get higher than a few inches.

If you notice that the flame is not reaching the heights that you needed to, you should immediately turn off the griddle and examine the piece of equipment entirely to try to determine what the cause of the problem is. 

What should I do if my Blackstone Griddle flame is low?

If the flame on your griddle is low, go ahead and turn off the griddle so you can examine what’s happening. 

Ideally, the problem is something small, such as not having enough propane to cook the foods that you need.

If that is the case, then you will want to run to the store and purchase a new propane tank. Remember, the Blackstone griddle consumed a lot of propane in order to do the functions that it needs to do.

As such, you should purchase a bulk tank of propane if you plan on using your griddle frequently. 

You should watch this YouTube video to get a good idea of what a tank regulator reset looks like for your Blackstone griddle:

This is a process that you may have to conduct from time to time in order to ensure that your griddle works to the full potential that it has to offer. 

Resetting The Blackstone regulator

Resetting a regulator on your Blackstone griddle should always be one of the first steps that you take if you notice any of these issues with the flame or other concerns. 

The regulator can have issues from time to time that needs your attention. I reset of this part of your griddle will typically help knock out the issues that you were concerned about. The process of doing so is very simple.

Always make sure that your Blackstone griddle is completely turned off, and ensure that all pressure has been released from the gas lines.

After this, wait approximately 30 seconds before pressing a reset button on your regulator and allowing it to go through the process of getting reset.

Turning off all burners to the off position

All burners should be set to the off position before you attempt to do any type of maintenance on your Blackstone griddle. The consequences of not turning the burners off could be devastating to your health and safety.

Always make sure that you are extra cautious when working with a Blackstone griddle and turn it off before you begin any maintenance process. 

Turn off propane valve

Always remember to turn off the propane valve before you begin any process of maintenance. This will ensure that propane is not actively running to your griddle as you attempt to work on it. 

Remove regulator and wait 30 seconds before reattaching

Give me the regulator approximately thirty seconds after you have detached from the rest of the griddle to allow it to reset.

This time is needed so that the mechanics of the machine can get caught up to the fact that it has been reset. After thirty seconds, you can reattach all elements to the griddle and use it as normal.

Reopen propane valve

Make sure you reopen the propane valve in order to ensure that propane can flow to your griddle again after you have detached it.

 Only do this once you have been completely done with all of the previous maintenance work that you were working on your griddle. Before reattaching the propane tank, make sure there is enough propane in the tank to be of use to you. 

Light up all the burners

Light up all of the burners to make sure that they are working properly after you have reset the regulator. 

If there are still problems with the burners after this process has been done, then you may want to get in touch with customer service to see what steps you can take next. 

A reset of the regulator should clear all problems for you in the vast majority of cases. If your burners are still acting up there could be a deeper issue that needs to be resolved.

What should the flame on a Blackstone griddle look like?

The flame should have a normal orangish color to it and be of the proper height after you have reset the regulator and done everything else you can to ensure that the griddle is working properly. 

If the flame is too low or does not appear in the fashion that you think it should, then you will want to check with customer service to see what else you can do next.

How do you adjust the flame on a Blackstone griddle?

You can adjust the flame on your griddle by turning the knobs on the various burners to get the flame to the height that you want. 

Also, you may consider looking at how much propane you were using at any given time when cooking with your griddle.

Add more propane to get a higher flame, or lessen the amount of propane to have the flame go back down a little bit. 

Final Thoughts

A regulator reset is just about all you need to correct a lot of issues you may run into with your Blackstone griddle. Always attempt to use this process first to clear up any problems that you may have.

If the extent of your problems goes beyond that, you can always get in touch with customer service at any time to help find a solution.