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How long to smoke brisket at 225? (Explained)

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How long to smoke brisket at 225

If you’re wondering how long it takes to smoke a brisket at around 225°F, then you have come to the right place.

On average, you can expect a cook through rate of about 1 pound per hour at this low and slow temperature. 

A lot of pit-masters will do this, and it can be a great way to easily handle your ambient temperatures for your smoker or cooker.

Not only that, but many seem to think that smoking brisket at low and slow temperature as well help them obtain even more smoke flavor than if they smoke them at hotter temperatures such as 300°F or above.

No matter what type of brisket you have or the weight of your brisket, always use the 1 pound per hour mark to estimate how long exactly it will take to smoke through all the way.

Taking this into consideration, let’s say you have a 10 pound brisket packer and are wondering how long you should be smoking it at.

Assuming that you are smoking at around 225°F, it should take roughly 10 hours to cook through and render all of the collagen within the meat.

The same principle applies for briskets that are even a lot smaller in weight, such as only 5 pound brisket or less.

At that point, then you would certainly want to calculate using the same ratio mentioned above, to come up with about a 5 hour or less cook time.

This is definitely pretty accurate since I have tested this along with many other people.

Final thoughts

Smoking brisket if any size or weight at 225°F will have a specific cook through rate of about 1 pound per hour.

This obviously assumes that you are smoking them at that consistent temperature, so pay close attention to see if your temperature average is slightly above or below that specific temperature. If it is, then plan accordingly.