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How long to smoke brisket at 275 degrees

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How long to smoke brisket at 275 degrees

If you are wondering how long you should be smoking any particular brisket at around 275°F, then keep reading.

275°F is known as the entry point to the hot and fast method. It basically is a way to cook briskets of any weight in size, substantially quicker than you otherwise would at low and slow temperatures around 225°F. 

The results are actually pretty similar and in most cases I have found that briskets smoked at around 275°F, come out a lot quicker and even better tasting than those smoked at the low temperature ranges.

Brisket smoked at 275°F should take about 2 pounds per hour to fully cook through.

As you start smoking at hotter temperatures, the collagen and connective tissues inside of the meat start to cook a lot quicker than usual, and can produce expedited results with little to no effort.

As you start to calculate exactly how long your individual brisket will take, consider taking into account their weight in pounds and correlate it along the 2 pound per hour mark for temperatures at around 275°F or hotter.

Final thoughts 

Smoking briskets of any size at 275°F can be a great way to cook them about twice as fast as briskets that are smoked at low and slow temperatures of around 225°F. 

It should take about 2 pounds per hour to fully cook through any brisket that is smoked at 275°F or hotter.

Once you understand that simple ratio, then you can apply it to your individual brisket and the way that they all are weighing at.