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Costco Brisket Sale By Date | 7 Things to Consider

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When purchasing your brisket, you want to make sure that you check the sale by date. This date tells you when the brisket should be sold by the store or butcher shop.

Another date that is important is the kill date of a brikset. Many will want to age their brisket and this date will allow you to age without health risk. 

How Long Is Brisket Good After The Sale By Date?

A brisket can be good for a good while after the sale by date if it is stored properly. A brisket can be frozen where it can be cooked months later. It can also be wet aged for up to 60 days if the packaging shows no signs of air in the package.

No matter which way you choose to preserve your brisket, you will want to make sure that it’s done correctly to avoid spoilage and the brisket becoming a health risk. 

How Long Does Costco Brisket Last?

Preserving the brisket correctly will determine how long the brisket will last. Whether you freeze it, wet age it or cook it and refreeze it. Each choice can provide a longer time for the brisket to be good to eat.

Knowing the steps to each option can help you create the best brisket for your friends and family. 

How Long Will A Packer Brisket Last In The Refrigerator ?

With proper storage, you can keep your brisket in the fridge for up to 60 days. This process is called wet aging and with wet aging you will want to have the fridge from 32 to 34 degrees. When you choose to refrigerate your packer brisket, you will want to make sure that your fridge has a temperature of about 34 degrees.

You also want to make sure that the fridge is open as little as possible. You can keep your brisket in the fridge for about 5 days this way. 

How Do I Know If My Brisket Is Bad?

The best way to know if the brisket is bad is by the smell and the color. If the meat has a rancid smell when you open it, it is probably bad and should not be prepared and eaten. An aged brisket will have a strong smell, but it won’t smell rancid or rotten. If the brisket is discolored it can also be bad. A brisket should be red to deep red, almost purple in color.

No brown or green coloring should be on your brisket. When you purchase a brisket, look at the kill date and the sale by date so that you will know the freshness of the brisket. Always try to buy the freshest meat possible, no matter when you plan to cook it. Check your brisket well, check the color and the smell of the brisket. 

How Long Can I Keep a Vacuumed Sealed Brisket In The Refrigerator?

A vacuum-sealed brisket will keep in the fridge for about 60 days. However, you will want to make certain that there is no air in the sealed bag. If you do see air in the bag, then the brisket will only keep in the fridge for about 4 days.

If you plan to wet age the brisket and there is no air, you will want to keep the brisket in a fridge at about 34 degrees at all times. Remember to take notice of the sale by and kill dates on the brisket prior to purchasing it. A wet aged brisket can be a very tender brisket if it is cooked correctly. 

How Can You Tell If a Brisket Is Bad?

The best sign of a bad brisket is the smell. If it smells sour or if it smells rancid, it is probably bad. If the brisket is not bright in color, it can also mean that the brisket is bad. Also, if the brisket is slimy it may be bad.

Checking the dates on the brisket is very important. Briskets can be costly, so purchasing one only for it to be a waste can be a horrible experience. Always try to get the freshest brisket or cut of meat that you possibly can to avoid any kind of spoilage experience. 

Effect Of The Tenderness If Kept Past The Sale By Date

The tenderness of the brisket is not going to be affected if kept past the sale by date. If you choose to wet age your brisket, you will find that your brisket can be really tender with the right cooking of the brisket.

The tenderness of a brisket depends of the aging method as well as the cooking method. Whether you smoke the brisket or choose to cook it in the open, it will cook best on a low heat so that it can cook for many hours. Everyone enjoys a brisket that will melt in your mouth. One that is moist and juicy and full of flavor is going to be a crowd pleaser.