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Can You Cook Inside With Blackstone Griddle? (Explained)

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Blackstone Griddles come in a variety of models, adaptable to different situations depending on what a buyer needs.

There are stand-up models that are clearly usable outside in the backyard or for camping events and parks.

On the other hand, there are smaller, portable units that can be used on a countertop, which generally speaking, make it possible to cook with them in different locations, as long as there is a flat surface to place them.

Most home kitchens aren’t really suited or set up for heavier cooking, which is what a Blackstone Griddle makes possible.

So, if you’re thinking about this approach, you will need to do a bit of setup and rearranging in the kitchen first. Consider placing the Griddle next to the oven range.

This gives you better access to the various kitchen features as well as the counter for placement support. It also tends to be the lease flammable location in the house to cook in.

Finally, there is also the sink nearby if something needs to be extinguished pretty quick, but you should always have a grease-type fire extinguisher in the kitchen for easy access if needed.

Can you Cook Inside With Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, depending on the model of Blackstone Griddle one is working with. As mentioned above, the portable models are far easier to work with than a stand-up model that has its own frame and wheels, so to speak.

Portability just makes it a lot easier to place the Griddle on a counter or somewhere similar.

The big issue, however, with a Griddle is the smoke and exhaust once it gets cooking.

Unlike a stove range which usually has a dedicated fan and vent above to suck up all the smoke and grease smell, depending on what one is cooking, Blackstone Griddles have no such benefit.

So, wherever one is cooking, the Griddle is going to need to be ventilated or the room is going to fill up with a lot of smoke quick.

Should You Cook Inside with a Blackstone Griddle?

It really depends on what you’re willing to put up with. In a kitchen with a fan or open windows, doing so is not such a big deal.

On the other hand, without good ventilation or a vent nearby, the grease smoke is going to literally stick up the entire apartment or house, which can take hours to get rid of after the fact. 

Are Blackstone Griddles safe to Use Inside?

Yes, they are safe if a user is paying attention to what is going on and is taking precautions.

The Griddle includes a very hot flat plate for cooking and being used. Generally, anything near it needs to be kept some distance to avoid catching on fire from the heat. A user will also want to watch out for splashing grease and oil as the food is being cooked. That can cause secondary injuries when it bounces off the Griddle and onto people nearby.

The kitchen area should really be cleared of any crowd as that’s a fast way for someone to get bumped into the Griddle and get hurt.

If using propane for a fuel source, the room should be well-ventilated and clear of any flammables. It’s really no different than using a flame range on the top of an oven. Practice the same precautions, and cooking will be safe and an added feature to the kitchen. 

Should you Use an Electric Griddle Instead?

Some people like the convenience of things plugged in versus propane fueled. It’s really a matter of personal convenience. Folks who spend time in rural areas and cabins find cooking with a Blackstone Griddle pretty straightforward and easy, even if inside the cabin, especially when there is no electrical power hookup.

Of course, in a regular home, it’s just easier to plug in an electrical griddle instead, which means less work on setup and getting things started.

Final Thoughts

Again, practicing safety, ventilation, space, and proper cooking area are essential to really use a Blackstone Griddle correctly inside a home or facility.

Using the smaller, table-top units is a smarter approach and easier to manage. The Griddles that already come with their own frame and wheels are generally more for outside use altogether.