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8 Things To Know About Blackstone Griddle Mods

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Blackstone Griddle Mods

While Blackstone Griddles are awesome on their own, there are plenty of griddle modifications that can take your griddle to the next level.

Some of the most popular griddle mods are designed to improve heat consistency, improve grease drainage and removal, and increase access to utensils and seasonings. People have successfully added wind blockers, grease slides, grease cup liners, and shelving to personally customize their Blackstone Griddles. 

So, which griddle mods are actually worth it?

Blackstone 22” Griddle Mods

For the Blackstone 22” Griddle, many users have found benefits in adding a wind guard mod to improve the consistency of the heat. Another easy mod that users love is to add a caddy to the griddle.

Blackstone Griddles need to be used outdoors, and, alas, we cannot control the wind.

Wind can be a persistent problem for griddle users since it can significantly affect the griddle’s ability to maintain even heating. In turn, this affects the quality of the food that you are preparing.

There are a handful of available griddle wind guards online, but another option is to make and apply your own, which plenty of people have done.

You may also want to consider adding a caddy to your griddle to increase your access to utensils and seasonings. Some caddies can be hung with magnets or hooks, while others can be attached with screws. 

Blackstone 36” Griddle Mods

A popular mod for the Blackstone 36” Griddle is to add a liner to your grease cup to make it easier to catch and dispose of the grease run off. Wind guards are also a common mod for the 36” griddle.

Depending on your specific griddle model, the grease cup may vary in size. To add a liner to your grease cup, you can use a fitting small aluminum foil pan. Amazon has a 20-pack of Grease Cup Liners available online. 

Alternatively, you can fashion a liner out of aluminum foil yourself. Just be careful not to tear the foil, or your liner won’t work properly. 

Wind guards are another useful mod for 36” Blackstone griddles. As is the case with the 22” inch models, you can find pre-made wind guards online, or you can fashion them yourself. 

Either way, be mindful of how you attach wind guards to your griddle, as you won’t want to disrupt any other functions of your griddle by improperly placing a wind guard. 

Blackstone 28” Griddle Mods

Grease slides and wind guards are the most common mods for 28” Blackstone Griddles. A grease slide helps control the flow of grease discharge, and a wind guard will block out the wind, limiting irregular heat fluctuation. 

Grease is messy, slimy, and not fun to clean up. With a grease slide, you can simplify this part of grilling and make cleaning up a lot easier on yourself. 

And, just like with other griddle models, users find that adding a wind guard is one of the best mods out there for a 28” griddle. 

Blackstone Tailgater Mods

The Blackstone Tailgater is a versatile unit that comes with two burners, a griddle plate, and a grill box. Some common mods for the Blackstone Tailgater include adding screws to the stand and adding a shelf.

Some people felt that the stand could use some added stability, so they either swapped out the existing hardware for a more durable alternative, or they added additional stabilizing screws at the attachment points to further secure the stand. 

A shelving mod is a great way to increase your available surface area, giving you a place to set plates, utensils, food, or other grilling-related tools. To easily add a shelf to your Blackstone Tailgater, you can set a flat board on top of the two horizontal bars of the unit’s stand.

If you do decide to add a shelf, you will likely also want to add some additional stability to the unit stand so it can handle the additional weight. 

What Size is the Griddle on the Blackstone Tailgater?

The griddle on the Blackstone Tailgater is 16” X 16” with a total of 256” of cooking space. The attached grill is also 16” X 16”. 

The Blackstone Tailgater is a smaller Blackstone unit, but the grill and griddle combination is unique. This dual-purpose appliance is excellent for tailgating, camping, or backyard barbecuing.

Blackstone Griddle Drain Mod

If you’re looking to improve grease drainage, you will want to invest in a Grease Slide Griddle Mod.

You can get one of these handy devices on Amazon. This specific kind of grease slide is specially designed to fit 36” Blackstone Griddle models that have right-side grease discharge, but there are other grease slide mods out there that can fit different griddle sizes. 

With this mod, you can improve the flow of grease and prevent it from running down the legs of your griddle.

Final Thoughts 

Griddle mods are a great way to add convenience and improve your griddle methods. 

By blocking out the wind, you’ll have more even heat and better-prepared food. 

If you invest in a grease slide or a grease cup liner, you can prevent unnecessary messes and make your clean-up even easier. 

And if you add a caddy or shelf, you have more space to keep the utensils, seasonings, and plates that you need.