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Blackstone Griddle Warped During Cooking? (Here’s What To Do)

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Blackstone Griddle Warped During Cooking

Blackstone griddles use cold-rolled steel, which can be vulnerable to warping and crowning early on as the metal adjusts to being heated and cooled.

After the first dozen or so cooks the griddle top should level out smoothly.

However, excessive overheating and placing a lot of frozen food all at once on the griddle can potentially deform or warp cold-rolled steel, even after the initial breaking-in period.

Blackstone provides a manufacturer’s warranty against defects, assuming normal use, for the first year of an outdoor griddle’s life.

They also have a strong reputation for good customer service.

If your Blackstone griddle is warping or crowning in the first year, you might be able to push them to supply you with a replacement griddle top.

Though there are some details to the process of how this is handled.

Are Blackstone Griddles Supposed to Warp During Cooking?

A little bit of warping is to be expected in a Blackstone griddle’s first dozen or so cooks.

After that, it shouldn’t be prone to excessive warping, so long as you are treating it right.

Should You Be Worried About A Blackstone Griddle Warping?

If your Blackstone griddle shows signs of minor warping or crowning in the first 10 to 12 cooks, it’s no big deal. The cold-rolled steel takes time to adjust to the natural heating and cooling that occurs during normal use.

If your Blackstone griddle has a pronounced warp or crown after the first dozen cooks, you should call Blackstone’s customer service.

Blackstone griddles come with a one-year warranty against material defects. If the warp on your Blackstone griddle is significant, they may opt to send you a replacement.

Pushing for Warranty Claims If the Griddle Is Warping

Blackstone’s manufacturer North Atlantic Imports provides one year of warranty coverage on parts, workmanship, and finish defects.

This includes that the Blackstone griddle will be free of material defects when used under normal conditions.

If your Blackstone griddle suffers from significant warping or crowning in the first year of warranty coverage, you might be able to get customer service to send you a replacement.

Though they have a process for doing this, which starts with your registering your Blackstone griddle within a month of purchasing it.

Blackstone’s griddle warranty also requires you to notify Blackstone’s customer service if you make any modifications to the griddle. This could include things like swapping out the burner elements or making changes to the firebox.

If after a dozen cooking sessions your griddle has significant warping or has developed a noticeable crown in the middle of the cold-rolled steel, Blackstone’s customer service will ask for pictures.

They’ll also ask you about how you have been using the griddle. If you’ve been overheating the griddle, then laying large amounts of frozen food on it at one time, or using it in ways other than it was intended, they might decline to send you a replacement griddle.

Exchanging for a New Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone will accept returns of a new griddle that is still in the box after 30 days from the original purchase, with a 10% restocking fee.

If the griddle has been opened, assembled, and used, Blackstone’s warranty policies will provide you with replacement parts.

Though they will want visual proof that it is indeed a material defect from the manufacturing process.

It helps to have digital pictures to share when you call Blackstone’s customer service to request an exchange or a warped griddle top.

Final Thoughts

It’s natural for a Blackstone griddle to develop some minor warps in the cold-rolled steel cooktop in the first 10 to 12 cooks.

If the warping or crowning effect persists beyond the break-in period you should consider contacting Blackstone’s customer service.

Blackstone griddles come with a 1-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects and finish. Assuming the griddle has been used appropriately, Blackstone might send you a replacement.

Though they will certainly want to see visual evidence of the warped griddle and will require you to have registered it within a month of making the initial purchase.