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Blackstone Griddle Igniter Not Sparking? (Try These Tips!)

Blackstone Griddle Igniter Not Sparking

Blackstone griddles use an electric spark ignition system to light each of the independently controlled propane burner elements. If your Blackstone griddle won’t ignite any of the burner elements it might be something as simple as a dead battery or a loose battery connection.

If a single burner element won’t spark it might be related to some other type of mechanical issue.

Sometimes an igniter element can fail with time. It might also be possible for the igniter assembly itself to be damaged when moving or fail after years of wear and tear.

In a case like this, the entire igniter assembly might need to be replaced with an aftermarket model.  

Why Won’t My Blackstone Griddle Igniter Spark?

A Blackstone griddle igniter that won’t spark is usually related to the AA battery which provides an electrical charge to all of the igniter elements.

Though an alignment issue in one or more of the internal igniter elements or a wiring malfunction might prevent an igniter from sparking. Especially if you have recently moved the griddle.

Does A Blackstone Igniter Have a Battery?

Blackstone griddles have a push-button igniter that runs from a AA alkaline battery. It provides a tiny spark to each of the internal igniter elements inside the griddle’s firebox.

How Do You Change the Igniter On A Blackstone Griddle?

Changing the igniter and replacing the battery on a Blackstone griddle is relatively easy and requires minimal tools. You can use the following steps as your guide.

How To Replace the Battery on a Blackstone Griddle Igniter

Step One: Locate the igniter button and battery housing for your Blackstone model.

It is usually on the front face of the firebox to the right or left of the control knobs.

Step Two: Unscrew the cap and gently pull it loose. There will be a Positive or Negative symbol letting you know which way to position the battery.

Step Three: Seat the battery into position and screw the igniter button housing back into place.

Step Four: Test light your Blackstone griddle to ensure the igniter is working properly. 

How to Replace An Igniter On A Blackstone Griddle

It is possible with age and frequent use for the igniter itself to wear out. In a situation like this, you can use the following steps to replace the entire igniter on your Blackstone griddle.

Step One: Source the correct replacement igniter assembly for your model. You need one that has a wiring connection for each independently controlled burner element.

Step Two: Unscrew the original igniter button, take out the old battery, and carefully unplug the wires connecting the igniter assembly to each burner element. Then remove the old igniter assembly.

Step Three: Seat the new igniter assembly and reconnect each of the wires. Then insert the AA battery in the correct position and screw the igniter button into place.

Step Four: Testfire each of your Blackstone griddle’s burners to ensure they are all receiving a spark.

How Do I Manually Light A Blackstone Griddle?

To light a Blackstone griddle with a stick lighter, you will need to first set all your burners to low. This will release a miniscule amount of gas.

You can then slide the stick lighter into the narrow gap between the cold-rolled steel griddle top. Then fire up the igniter for each element.

If you can’t get the stick lighter to fit in the narrow gap, you will need to take the griddle top off to light each burner element independently. Once they have a flame, you can turn the heat up and use your Blackstone griddle like normal.

Final Thoughts

An igniter that won’t spark on a Blackstone griddle might be as simple a fix as replacing the AA battery in the igniter button.

If the igniter itself or the wiring connecting it to the independent burner elements died after years of wear and tear or was damaged while moving the griddle, you might need to replace it with an aftermarket model.

In the meantime, you can still light your Blackstone griddle manually.

You just need to turn your burner elements on low to release a small amount of flame. Then a carefully placed stick lighter will start the fire and you can use your griddle like normal until you can figure out why the igniter isn’t sparking.