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7 Tips For Understanding A Blackstone Griddle’s Max Temp

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Blackstone Griddle Max Temp

Blackstone’s manufacturer rates their cold-rolled steel griddle tops to be able to hold a maximum temperature of up to 560-degrees.

For most people, this is more than hot enough to sear off steaks and chops or put a perfectly flavorful crust on a hamburger patty.

If you want to increase the maximum temperature of your Blackstone griddle beyond 560-degrees, you can leave the burner elements on the highest setting for a prolonged amount of time. Placing wind guards or positioning the griddle out of the wind can then help drive the temperature as high as 700-degrees.

Though you risk overheating the griddle, damaging the protective seasoning layer, and potentially warping the cold-rolled steel.

You can track the temperature of your Blackstone griddle top using an infrared thermometer.

This is more accurate and responsive than old-fashioned surface thermometers to help you know when the metal is properly preheated or reaching the maximum temperature.

What Is A Blackstone Griddle’s Max Temp?

Blackstone rates their cold-rolled steel griddles to be able to reach up to 560 degrees.

Though there are anecdotal stories of people having left their Blackstone burner’s elements on high heat for a prolonged period of time to the griddle as high as 700-degrees or more.

Can You Increase the Max Temp on a Blackstone Griddle?

There are some simple, common-sense things you can try to increase the maximum temp of your Blackstone griddle without making modifications that could affect the warranty. 

You can also place improvised wind guards made out of heavy-duty aluminum foil to close the gap between the cold-rolled steel griddle top and the Blackstone’s firebox.

If you don’t care about voiding your Blackstone griddle’s warranty coverage, you can further increase the maximum temperature by replacing the straight or H-shaped propane burners with curved tube burners.

This will put more square inches of flame on the underside of the griddle top, which will increase the maximum temperature beyond the 560-degrees that Blackstone rates it for.

How Much Propane Does A Griddle Use on Max Temp?

The amount of propane that a griddle uses at the maximum temperature is determined by the BTU per hour rating of each burner combined.

You can then crunch the numbers based on the fact that a single pound of liquid propane has up to 21,500 BTUs of thermal potential.

For example, the Blackstone 36 with its four 15,000 BTU per hour burner elements has a maximum thermal output of up to 60,000 BTUs in an hour.

This means it would consume just under 3 pounds of liquid propane in an hour at maximum temp.

Can You Overheat a Blackstone Griddle?

It is possible to overheat your Blackstone griddle by leaving the burners on high heat for far too long without any food to conduct the thermal load from the cold-rolled steel griddle top.

This can break down the protective non-stick seasoning layer on the griddle.

Frequently, overheating can lead to problems with warping, pitting, or crowning on the griddle top.

When this happens, you might have to replace the Blackstone’s cold-rolled steel griddle top. This can also start to melt the igniter switch’s components, causing the griddle’s ignition system to fail.

What Thermometer Should I Use to Measure Heat on My Blackstone Griddle?

An infrared thermometer is the best tool to accurately measure the heat on your Blackstone griddle.

All you have to do is point it at the griddle surface and pull the trigger. A little red laser dot will show the area that it is reading.

You could also use an analog surface thermometer, but it won’t be as accurate. It also takes time to respond to changes in the griddle top’s temperature, which can be a problem if you are setting up your Blackstone griddle with dual heat zones.

Final Thoughts

A Blackstone griddle can get hotter than the 560-degrees that it is rated for without making any modifications that void the warranty.

This involves thoughtful positioning and blocking out all the wind with improvised wind blocks made from heavy-duty aluminum foil.

With the burner elements turned up on high, you can potentially achieve a maximum temperature of over 700 degrees on the cold-rolled steel griddle top.

Though this level of overheating could damage the hydrocarbon seasoning layer, as well as cause the steel to warp, crown, or start pitting.

Excessive high heat can also build up in the firebox to the point that it damages the igniter assembly.

So, it’s best to simply use your Blackstone griddle unmodified within the maximum temperature of 560-degrees.

If you are worried about overheating your griddle top, or you want to accurately know how hot it is before placing the food, an infrared thermometer is the best tool for reading the griddle’s temperature.

It can even help you maintain consistent dual temperature zones.