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Traeger Fan Not Working? Here’s What To Do

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If you have purchased a Traeger grill and your fan stopped working, there are a couple of reasons why this may be the case and how to fix it. 

Any time you purchase a grill and use it regularly, you can expect maintenance requirements and needs to keep it cooking at its best performance.

Unfortunately, the fan is one of the parts likely to go out due to the elements and just being worn out over time. If your Traeger grill fan has stopped working, you need to know what may have caused it and how to fix it should it happen again. 

Why Won’t My Traeger Grill Fan Work?

You go to switch on the fan on your Traeger grill, and you don’t hear anything. It isn’t working, so what do you do now? The grill is on, but there is no airflow. 

That means that something has prevented the air from circulating, and you need to power off your grill right away. Once it has cooled down, investigate the fan and see why there is no air leaking. 

What Causes a Traeger Grill Fan To Stop Working?

There are a few reasons why your Traeger Grill has stopped working: 

  • Build-up around the fan
  • Wire Shortage
  • Controller Has Expired

It is easy to miss, but sometimes there is a build-up around Traeger grill fans. This is from the smoke, grease, and food cooked in the grill and sometimes overlooked in the cleaning process.

After each use, it is essential to clean your smoker so that the fan doesn’t get the excess build-up from the food. Mixing that with changing temperature could change the consistency of the build-up, making it difficult to turn on. 

The wire connected to your fan will sometimes short out if it isn’t getting a good enough connection. It could also have been bent or moved recently and unable to make the connection.

If you have checked around the fan and the wire is connected, the controller’s problem is. These are the most common reasons why your Traeger grill fan will stop working. 

How To Fix A Faulty Traeger Grill Fan

Depending on the reason for the faulty fan on your Traeger grill, you can fix your grill fan through one of the following ways:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Rewiring the Fan
  • Replacing the controller

Deep Cleaning

Even the cleanest of Traeger grills can miss something. It is effortless to bypass the fan when cleaning the grill because it is high and out of eyesight in most cases.

After discovering the build-up in the buff, you will need to take a clean towel and wipe it in there, giving it a thorough cleaning, completely removing the build-up in the blades so that it can start turning once it is cleaned. 

Rewiring the Fan

If you have recently moved your fan or taken it apart for a cleaning, you may have realigned the wires. If they have just been moved and come out of the controller, place them back in and try turning on your grill to see if it powers back up.

If it is coming on but then shorting out, you may want to replace the wires just in case they are damaged.

Replacing the Controller

If you have tried the above options and still do not have airflow, then it is most likely time to replace the controller on the grill.

No matter what elements caused it to expire, your Traeger grill will need a new one before you can move forward. Once you have installed the new controller, you should have airflow and begin grilling or smoking your favorite dishes. 

Final thoughts

Wear and tear are expected with any grill, and the Traeger is no exception. Because your fan working is critical to the overall function of the Traeger, it is essential to have it repaired and working before you use it again. Know what parts are connected and how to fix your Traeger grill, so you do not miss a chance at grilling your favorite meal. 

Know what parts are connected to your Traeger grill fan so that if it stops working, you can troubleshoot the problem and replace the damaged parts.