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7 Quick Tips For Cleaning Traeger grill grates

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A clean grill is a successful grill, and you can expect the same quality and consistency in your dishes when any grill grate has been cleaned. There are so many benefits to cleaning your Traeger grill grates so that it continues to last. 

No matter what grill you are using, cleaning the grill grates is critical to maintaining cleanliness and safety. The grill grates on your Traeger grill also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid dangerous bacteria build-up and a mess that is harder to clean later on. Below is the process of properly cleaning your Traeger grill grates, what to use, and information on when you should be cleaning your Traeger grill. 

How To Clean Traeger Grill Grates

After you have finished grilling and getting ready to put your Traeger grill away, you need to clean your grill grates, no matter which Traeger series you have. 

  1. Thoroughly spray the grill grates down with the Traeger all-natural cleaner, especially after cooking greasy foods. It would be best if you also sprayed the interior of the grill. 
  2. Take a clean grill towel or some strong paper towels and wipe down both sides of the grill grates. 
  3. Most of the grease should come up, but the spots that had some solid residue left behind will need a brush. 
  4. Put a little more spray on the grill grate, and then give the area a quick brush. 
  5. Wipe your grill grates clean. 

Getting the Traeger Clean Grill Message

Your Traeger grill can only perform well if it is adequately maintained. If you do not clean your Traeger grill regularly, a substantial build-up will develop on your grill grates.

This could cause unwanted food poisoning when you cross-contaminate your food. Once a year, you need to remove the grill grates from your Traeger grill and put them through a deep cleaning process.

This allows you to access the inside of your grill, removing ash and cleaning up unwanted residue in the fan and other parts of the grill. 

Using Traeger Cleaning Spray

The best cleaner to put on your Traeger grill grates is the All-Natural cleaner from Traeger.

When you spray this on the grill grates, small grease areas will start to break down instantly. Areas with solids attached need a quick brush after the cleaner is applied.

Explicitly meant for these grill grates, this spray is free from unwanted chemicals and helps you remove the residue from your grill grates easily so that you are ready for your next grill in no time. 

What is the easiest way to clean grill grates?

Using the utensils provided by Traeger will make cleaning the grill grates an easy process, taking only a couple of minutes.

The Traeger natural cleaner and the wire grill brushes come in a variety of sizes. Once you have finished grilling or smoking and your grill has cooled, you want to go ahead and clean it right away. Letting it sit for several hours or even days will make it that much harder to clean later. 

How often should I clean my Traeger?

If you use your Traeger grill multiple times throughout the day, you should clean the grates off after every three different cook times. This is especially true if you have started to mix proteins and need to prevent cross-contamination in future dishes.

If you are smoking for long hours at a time, you need to clean your grill grates after each smoke. You do not want to go days or even weeks without washing your grill grates because of the impending damage. 

What Brush Should I Use To Clean My Traeger Grill?

You want to use a firm wire brush when cleaning your grill grates. They can remove any food and ash left behind on your grill.

Those that are wide can clean several grates at once, so you can cut your cleaning time in half. Keep in mind that Traeger does make a wire brush specifically for the Pellet grills and the grates. However, you do not have to use a Traeger brush when cleaning if you do not have access to one. 

Final Thoughts

For your Traeger grill to provide consistently good food that is healthy and cooked thoroughly, you must keep your grill grates cleaned regularly.

Traeger makes a spray and has brushes that you can use with those specific grates in mind to get the best clean each time. Ensure that you follow the steps for cleaning your grill grates after so many hours or grills. After all, a clean Traeger grill is a high-performing Traeger grill.

As long as you consistently clean your Traeger grill grates, you can avoid any long-term damage and get the most out of your Traeger grill.