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5 Things To Know About a sticky griddle (Explained)

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Why is my Blackstone griddle sticky after seasoning?

A sticky cooking surface is the exact opposite of what you want in a Blackstone griddle. You want a smooth nonstick surface perfect for cooking breakfast food like eggs and pancakes or creating a perfect sear on some flank steak for tacos. You do not want bits of your food being left behind when you move it.

Before you start cooking, you need to get your griddle back to a nonstick surface by cleaning up the improper oil and re-seasoning the cooking surface. Once you have applied new oil properly to season your griddle, there is no need to clean it off. Just grab some food and get cooking.

How do you fix a sticky Blackstone griddle?

If your griddle is sticky after you finish seasoning it, there is a problem with how you applied the oil. Either you did not let the oil completely cook on the griddle or you used too much oil. Start by heating the griddle on high for 10 minutes, then scrape as much of the oil off as possible. When that is done, re-season the griddle with enough oil to just cover the entire cooking surface in a thin layer of oil then let it burn off. 

In rare situations, you may need to clean the griddle much like you did when you first assembled it. During normal usage, you do not want any soap to touch the cooking surface. However, a stubbornly sticky griddle is not normal. You can take soap and water and thoroughly clean the cooking surface. When you are done using the soap, you need to make sure you rinse every bit of soap off, because you do not want soap in your food.

Once you are certain the cooking surface is completely clean, you need to re-season the griddle. You will need to add multiple thin layers of oil, allowing the oil to burn off and create that discolored look before adding the next layer. Once the surface is smooth and dark brown, your griddle should be ready for the next meal.

Do you clean a Blackstone after seasoning?

Do not be swayed by the temptation to clean your griddle after allowing the oil to smoke a bit. The griddle will darken and perhaps that may make you think it is dirty, but the dark brown, almost cast iron color is what you want your griddle to look like.

That means the seasoning is building up properly to create the nonstick surface. If you then attempt to clean the griddle with anything more than a quick wipe down with paper towels, you do run the risk of damaging or removing the seasoning that you have created. 

However, a dirty griddle can become sticky as well. When you are done cooking and have turned your griddle off for the day, you do want to take the time to clean and prepare your griddle for the next time you want to use it. If there are any bits of food left on the cooking surface, scrape them off with your scraper.

If there are any truly stubborn bits left behind, adding some water while the cooking surface is still warm can help loosen them up. After you have cleaned the griddle, add a small amount of oil and wipe the cooking surface off. 

Can you cook on a Blackstone right after seasoning?

The seasoning process is how you get your Blackstone griddle ready for cooking. If you take the time to properly season your griddle, including allowing enough time for the oil to cook properly, it will be ready for cooking when you are done. The seasoning process is fairly quick and helps create a better cooking surface while also adding flavor to your food. 

Final Thoughts

Properly seasoning your Blackstone griddle will make your cooking experience and food better. Improper seasoning can cause your griddle’s cooking surface to be sticky, which can ruin your food. A sticky cooking surface should not cause you to panic. Knowing how and when to clean your griddle will also help prevent the cooking surface from being sticky while keeping your nonstick surface intact for your next meal.