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Perfect pancakes on the Blackstone griddle (Explained!)

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Perfect pancakes on the Blackstone griddle

One of the most iconic meals you can make on a griddle is pancakes. Everyone wants that perfect golden brown and fluffy pancake, and you want to make it on your Blackstone griddle.

The beauty of your Blackstone griddle is that you can make virtually every meal from breakfast to dinner on it, including pancakes.

When you have your griddle seasoned properly, that nonstick surface is perfect for pancakes.

Blackstone makes making pancakes even easier with their pancake dispenser that can help you measure out the perfect amount of batter with no drippings.

Just make sure you add a bit of oil to ensure the nonstick surface is in good condition and get to making some amazing pancakes. 

How do you make pancakes on a Blackstone griddle?

Pancakes are easy to make on the griddle as long as you remember the basic rules of making pancakes. Whatever recipe you use, make your pancakes as you would if you were cooking on your stove.

Remember, you want light and fluffy pancakes, not dense and tough, so make sure not to over-mix your batter, regardless of whether you are making it from scratch or your favorite boxed mix. 

You also need to make sure your Blackstone is in working order.

Griddle maintenance can save you a lot of headaches and ruined food.

Before you start making your pancakes, make sure your griddle is properly seasoned and clean. You do not want bits of old, burnt food getting into your pancakes. Take the time to scrape and season after every use. 

What is the setting for Blackstone pancakes?

You must manage your heat properly when you are making pancakes.

If you have the heat up too high, you end up with pancakes with a burnt exterior and raw interior.

If you cook them on too low of heat, you can end up with tough pancakes that take forever to cook and never develop that beautiful golden-brown exterior. 

You want to set your Blackstone to medium heat and target about 350-375 degrees on the cooking surface. That is the ideal range for cooking that light and fluffy pancake, but you always want to err on the lower end of that range to be sure.

Some people will use an infrared thermometer to make sure their griddle is at the correct temperature. That is not a necessity, but it can certainly help make sure you do not burn your pancakes or stand around waiting forever for them to cook.

How do you use the Blackstone pancake dispenser?

If you have ever made pancakes and dripped pancake batter while trying to carry it from the mixing bowl to the griddle, you are not alone. Pancakes are an amazing breakfast (or breakfast for dinner) meal, but typically messy to make.

Dripping batter everywhere feels like an inevitability when making pancakes. 

So Blackstone made a pancake dispenser to help alleviate all that dripping mess.

It holds up to four cups of batter at once, so you do not need to keep going back and forth between the griddle and the mixing bowl like you would if you were using a measuring cup or any other device.

The trigger handle allows you to pour the batter onto the surface without tipping, and the batter comes out smoothly but not so fast that you get batter all over the place. 

Do you need to grease a griddle for pancakes?

Maintaining a nonstick surface on your griddle is key for cooking all foods. The last thing you want when cooking pancakes is the batter to stick and your pancakes rip when you go to flip them.

Whenever you fire up your Blackstone griddle, a small amount of oil and a quick wipe should be enough to get started as long as you are maintaining the seasoning of the cooking surface. 

Final Thoughts

Your Blackstone griddle is perfect for making pancakes easily.

Make sure you are taking care with making the batter and heating the griddle to the proper temperature, otherwise you could end up with tough pancakes that are improperly cooked, resulting in burnt exteriors and raw interiors.

While making pancakes can be quite messy, Blackstone made a batter dispenser that can cut down on batter dripping everywhere.