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What PSI Regulator Does A Blackstone Griddle Use? (Explained)

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What PSI Regulator for Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone griddles come with regulators that are rated for .5 PSI, which is all the low-pressure propane burners required to deliver a consistent flame to the cooktop.

Blackstone sells replacement regulators for both their tabletop grills, which connect to 1-pound propane canisters, as well as their larger griddles which run off a larger liquid propane tank.

The propane regulator on a Blackstone griddle ensures a safe and consistent flow of gas. Though wear and tear can sometimes cause the regulator to leak.

If it does, then it’s typically safer to replace it with a new Blackstone propane regulator, rather than try to fix it yourself.

What PSI should a Gas Grill Regulator Be?

Most gas grill regulators for low-pressure propane grills will range between .5 PSI, like Blackstone griddles, and as much as 60 PSI.

Though the majority of gas grill regulators for home use have a 10 PSI regulator controlling the flow of gas to the burner elements.

Does a Blackstone Griddle Have a Regulator?

All Blackstone griddles come with a regulator included in the purchase. Larger models that connect to a 20 or 30-pound liquid propane tank come with a hose that has a regulator attached at the end.

Smaller tabletop models like the Blackstone 17 and the Blackstone 22 come with a regulator built into the control knob that attaches to the one-pound propane canister they run on.

Is a Blackstone Griddle High or Low Pressure?

Blackstone griddles use a low-pressure system to provide a consistent gas flow to the burner elements.

The regulator essentially limits the flow of gas from the high-pressure environment inside the liquid propane tank to ensure the burner elements operate safely.

What Size Is the Blackstone Regulator?

Blackstone griddles use a .5 PSI regulator to control the flow of gas to the burner elements.

Blackstone Regulator Leaking

A Blackstone propane regulator leak typically gives off the sulfur odor of “Rotten Eggs” near the propane tank coupler.

Dipping the faulty regulator in a small bucket of soapy water and turning on the propane valves on your gas grill will produce small bubbles on the regulator at the site of the leak.

If your Blackstone griddle runs off a 1-pound propane canister, you should check to make sure all the connections are seated tightly and that there isn’t any debris on the propane canister’s threads.

If the regulator continues to leak the odor of propane, and all the connections are tight, you might need to replace the canister and the faulty regulator.

It is usually easier, and safer to replace a leaky propane regulator than it is to try to fix it yourself. Blackstone sells replacement regulators for their larger models with a hose that runs on a large propane tank as well as replacement regulators for their smaller griddles that run on a one-pound propane canister.

Blackstone replacement regulators can be found on their website or at a licensed Blackstone dealer.

Final Thoughts 

Blackstone griddles use a low-pressure propane system that is carefully controlled by a .5 PSI regulator.

The correct type of regulator is included in the original purchase, whether it is a tabletop model that runs on a 1-pound propane canister or a larger model that uses a hose to connect to a 20 or 30-pound liquid propane tank.

If your Blackstone griddle has a leaky regulator, you should turn it off immediately, by closing the main valve on the propane tank.

Then you can take your time diagnosing the issue. If the regulator is faulty you can purchase a replacement propane regulator directly from Blackstone or one of their licensed dealers.