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6 Things To Know About The Steelmade USA American Made Outdoor Griddle

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Steelmade USA: American-made outdoor griddle

If you’re looking for an incredible American-made griddle, look no further than Steelmade USA. These flat top griddles are among the best in today’s market, and they make a great addition to any kitchen. 

Steelmade USA is a family-owned company that manufactures all of their products in the United States.

With a variety of sizes and thicknesses, Steelmade flat top griddles can be used both indoors on a stovetop and outdoors on a grill! Steelmade griddles are ideal for any cook who wants an adaptive and simplified method to prepare fantastic meals. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of a Steelmade griddle and break down the key differences between Steelmade USA and Blackstone, two of the most prominent brands in the industry. 

What are Steelmade griddles?

Steelmade griddles are crafted in Kansas with American steel. Compatible with gas, electric, and glass ceramic ranges, Steelmade griddles can be used in any kitchen. They can also be placed on a grill, so you can easily enjoy your griddle outdoors as well!

Steelmade griddles are large, flat cooking surfaces, so you don’t need to use multiple pans or worry about a lack of cooking space. These handy sheets of steel will easily simplify your cooking process and expand your cooking potential.

Steelmade USA produces a variety of flat top griddles, each tailored to fit a particular range or grill top. If you’re thinking of ordering a Steelmade griddle, be sure to check the size of the flat top and compare it with your range or grill. You don’t want to mistakenly order the wrong size!

If you find that their standard sizes don’t fit your needs, Steelmade USA will work with you to design a custom-built griddle. On top of that, all of Steelmade USA’s flat top griddles come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Should you buy a Steelmade griddle?

If you are thinking about investing in a griddle, a Steelmade griddle is an excellent choice. The lifetime warranty makes it a valuable purchase on its own, but the griddle itself will bring immeasurable versatility and value to your kitchen. 

Consider the current cooking surfaces that you have, like your stove, and whether or not you have a grill. If you have a viable heat source, you should consider buying a Steelmade griddle! Before you go ahead and make a purchase, you’ll want to check the size of your stove or grill. 

Storage and maintenance are two other aspects to consider. If you have a plan for storing a flat top griddle and have some maintenance know-how, that will make your purchase even better.

Who should be using a Steelmade griddle?

Steelmade griddles are the perfect choice for any cook who values efficiency, quality, and versatility. Really, the only thing you need before purchasing a Steelmade griddle is a stovetop or a grill. 

Anyone with a range in the kitchen, a grill out back, or both, should consider adding a Steelmade griddle to their chef’s toolbox. With a flat top griddle from Steelmade USA, you can prepare full meals all on one surface, minimize clean up, and craft unique and delicious meals.

A Steelmade griddle will also last a long time if you keep it well oiled and store it properly. By taking these steps, you’ll have an unbeatable cooking tool for years to come!

Steelmade vs Blackstone

Steelmade USA and Blackstone are two prominent companies in the industry, but who produces the best griddles? Each of these companies uses low-carbon mild steel to craft their griddles, but there are some key differences to be aware of. 

First, Steelmade griddles are designed to be placed on top of a cooking surface, where Blackstones are stand-alone griddles. Since Blackstone griddles are a whole unit on their own, they can take up a fair amount of space, especially if you already have a grill. 

Blackstone griddles can also incur higher propane usage, and since most people need to keep them outside, they can be more difficult to maintain.

Blackstone griddles do come with a one-year warranty, but remember that Steelmade USA offers a lifetime warranty on their griddles. The warranty difference alone makes Steelmade USA really stand out. 

Something else to consider is that Steelmade USA manufactures all their products in the United States, but Blackstone products are manufactured in China. If you prefer to buy products made in the United States, then you would want to go with Steelmade USA.

Final Thoughts

Steelmade griddles are American-made and highly adaptable tools that can bring both variety and simplicity to your kitchen. If you have a stove or grill, a Steelmade griddle can be put to use right away. Compared to Blackstone griddles, Steelmade griddles are more flexible, easy to use, and come with an amazing warranty.

Steelmade griddles can revolutionize your approach to cooking. Check out Steelmade USA’s website today to see their exceptional range of available flat top griddles!