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Smoked brisket left out overnight? Here’s What To Do

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Smoked brisket left out overnight

Smoking a brisket and leaving it out overnight can be a great way to let it rest properly.

A lot of people seem to think that if you happen to leave a piece of meat such as a brisket, out over substantially long period of time, that it can go bad.

That is true, but if you are seriously considering leaving out your smoked brisket overnight, then you need to take the proper steps to properly rest it in the proper container. 

The proper container that you should always be letting your brisket rest in is either an ice cooler or a warming oven. 

Those two things provide excellent insulation for your barbecue, and can let it rest for substantially longer periods of time than otherwise.

Can I leave a smoked brisket out overnight?

You can absolutely leave a smoked brisket out overnight.

Just make sure that you place it inside of a cooler or a warming oven to make sure it doesn’t cool off too quick and becomes cold. 

You don’t want barbecue that has become cold, because that means that you will then have to reheat it and potentially risk drying it out.

How long can smoked brisket sit out?

Smoked brisket can sit out for up to 12 hours if you let it rest properly in the right container. 

Letting it rest in an ice cooler or a warming oven allows you to maintain the internal temperature at steady rates, which also allow for them to come down to a reasonable slicing temperature. 

By placing them in well insulated containers, you allow the moisture within the brisket slow down, and you won’t have to worry about anything being evaporated the second you slice into it.

You also should take a quick look at what you plan to do with brisket now that you have smoked it. 

If you’re letting it simply rest for extended periods of time, then you should be more than likely letting it rest in an ice cooler or a warming oven. 

If you happen to try and dig into it or slice into it sooner than that, then you can certainly just leave it on the counter, once the internal temperature is at around 165°F.

Reheating the brisket properly

If you’re in the market for reheating your brisket, then try to have an idea of what internal temperature do you want to reheat it too.

That should give you the greatest inclination as to how long and how hot you should be reheating it at.

The average temperature that you should be ready heating a whole packer brisket to his around 165°F.

This is an adequate temperature that it’s not too hot but not too cold as well.

Take a brisket, and place it inside of a large metal pan while also perhaps putting a large stick of butter on top, to retain moisture for the meat. 

Set the oven at around 165°F or hotter, and let it reheat over the next couple hours.

Keeping it moist and tender

If you want to make your brisket moist and tender as you reheat it or as you what it rest, then what you can do is try wrapping the brisket and placing a large stick of butter on it so it can melt all over. 

This will have the effect of retaining a lot of moisture within the BBQ. 

Afterwards, you’ll notice that it’s very easy to slice into and falls apart just the way you want it to.

What to do with brisket after smoking

Wondering what to do with brisket before for smoking is a common thing many seem to wonder about.

First of all, you should be letting it rest. 

That is simply just to let all of the internal temperature and moisture within the meat come down to a reasonable temperature of around 165°F. 

Letting the internal temperature come down reasonably is strictly to help protect against any of that moisture evaporating the sent to it. 

Most of the briskets that I have smoked and have not let rest properly for about 3 to 4 hours, have all come out dry because the internal temperature was not low enough. 

It’s also how you get the famed jiggly brisket, because once the internal temperature slows down, then you really get the full effects of your properly smoked barbecue.

Storing brisket after smoking

After smoking, you’ll want to store your brisket and an ice cooler or a warming oven for adequate resting.

This helps the internal temperature come down, and also allows the cook to prepare other meals if that is what is necessary.

You really just want a well insulated environment for your BBQ, which is so critical because the internal temperature needs to come down to 165°F.

Final Thoughts

Leaving a smoked brisket overnight can be done by simply letting it rest in the proper storage container such as a warming oven or ice cooler. 

These devices produce amazing quality pieces of BBQ because they are so well insulated, and allow the internal temperature to slowly decrease to about 165°F.