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10 Things To Know About Storing Blackstone Griddle

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How to Store Blackstone Griddle

A Blackstone griddle needs to be properly stored during the warm grilling season and during the winter months to maximize your return on investment.

Ideally, you want to be able to store the griddle indoors away from the elements in a garage or shed that will keep rain, dust, and pollen off the cooktop surface.

If you do need to store your Blackstone griddle outside, even during the busy summer grilling season, it’s best to use some type of waterproof grill cover.

Where Should You Be Storing a Blackstone Griddle?

It’s best to store your Blackstone griddle in a dry location, where water cannot get at the seasoned cold-rolled steel griddle top. This might be under a waterproof grill cover, in the garage, or on a deck with a covered pergola.

Blackstone sells several high-quality, waterproof, outdoor griddle covers that are specifically designed to perfectly fit their more popular models.

Should You Store Away a Blackstone Griddle?

It’s best to store a Blackstone griddle in a garage or shed away from the rain. The wheels on some of Blackstone’s larger griddles make it relatively easy to move. Smaller models also tend to be light enough to carry.

If rain or moisture gets to the hydrocarbon seasoning layer on the cold-rolled steel griddle top it could strip it and cause rust. There is also the potential for water to corrode some of the components inside the griddle’s firebox.

How to Protect Blackstone Griddle

Ideally, you should store a Blackstone griddle in a dry location under some sort of roof like a garage or a garden shed.

If you can’t easily get it under some type of roof, then you should seriously consider investing in a high-quality waterproof grill cover.

Even a Blackstone griddle with a built-in hood only offers modest protection against the elements.

The real risk though is that wind-blown rain can still infiltrate the seams of the hood which can leave moisture on the sensitive seasoning layer that essentially protects the griddle top.

If it goes unnoticed, the water could start to strip off sections of the seasoning layer. In time, it could even cause rusting problems on the cold-rolled steel.  

Blackstone Griddle Cover

As a major manufacturer of high-quality outdoor griddles, Blackstone offers a variety of covers designed to fit snugly over their most popular models.

They are made from 600 denier water-resistant polyester to keep moisture away from the cold-rolled steel griddle top and other sensitive components.

Many of the larger griddle covers have buckles in the corners to help tighten them down against the wind.

They are also stylishly printed with the Blackstone logo. Just make sure that the griddle is fully cooled down before covering it, or you could easily melt the polyester material.

You can find Blackstone griddle covers online through their corporate website. You can also find them at affiliated brick-and-mortar retailers, like Walmart, Ace Hardware, Scheels, and Home Depot.

Best Way to Cover Blackstone Griddle

A branded griddle cover is the best way to cover your outdoor Blackstone griddle, as it is designed specifically to fit over the top and secure on the sides with latching buckles that keep the wind from blowing the cover off.

Though there are some after-market generic outdoor griddle covers that can also do a good job of protecting your Blackstone griddle without paying the added markup price for the brand name printing.

Though you do need to make sure that the generic cover will fit your model’s specific dimensions.

DIY Cover for Blackstone Griddle

When it comes to making your own cover to protect your Blackstone griddle’s cold-rolled steel cooktop, you can choose an improvised tarp or build a rigid shell-type cover out of wood and metal.

Using A Tarp as a Blackstone Griddle Cover

When improvising a tarp as a cover for your outdoor Blackstone griddle, size matters. While you certainly don’t want it to be too small, too large can also be problematic.

Measure all three dimensions of the griddle how it will be stored, with side tables folded and the hood closed.

You then need to find a tarp that will cover within an inch or two of the ground. Ideally, you want a heavy-duty tarp made out of vinyl or multiple laminated layers of quality polyester.

This will reduce the risk of tearing at the corners like a cheap plastic tarp is prone to do.

Before covering your Blackstone griddle with a tarp, you need to give it plenty of time to cool down.

Then carefully drape the tarp over top. Check to make sure it is even. Then use bungee cords or a light-duty ratchet strap to cinch the tarp around the legs of the griddle. If you skip this step, a strong breeze could blow the tarp away.

Building A Rigid Cover For Your Blackstone Griddle

A rigid DIY cover for your Blackstone griddle really only needs to be large enough to fully cover the griddle top and the hood, while also being heavy enough on its own to not blow away.

This could be something as simple as some stylish diamond plate stainless steel that is secured to a 2 X 6-inch lumber frame.

You can then cover the exposed lumber frame with exterior grade paint, and apply waterproof exterior caulk to the corners.

As long as it covers the griddle top by two inches or more, it should be sufficient for preventing wind-blown rain from getting at the seasoned cold-rolled steel cooktop.

The cart base or stand of a Blackstone griddle is typically made from stainless steel with a protective coating of paint that will resist the elements.

Final Thoughts 

Properly storing a Blackstone griddle will go a long way toward maximizing its life and your return on investment. If possible, you want to store it in the garage, or a garden shed to keep the griddle protected from rain, dust, or pollen.

If you can’t easily store it under a roof, then your next best option is to cover it. You can use one of Blackstone’s branded griddle covers, an after-market generic cover, or improvise your own do-it-yourself cover.