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6 Tips For Upgrading A Blackstone Griddle

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Various modifications to your Blackstone griddle will help improve its performance. While some might want to prioritize functionality, others focus on appeal and heat. Ideally, understanding what changes or upgrades to prioritize can be challenging. The following insights will help you prioritize the most rewarding Blackstone griddle upgrades.

What Are Some Good Blackstone Griddle Upgrades?

Various modifications will ensure that your device works much better in the long run. Yet, only a few will stand out: using wind guards, winterizing, storage tote, and egg ring tray. Understanding how to handle these griddle upgrades will help boost functionality in the long run. You will also need a reliable basting dome to help manage the Blackstone griddle.

First, you can upgrade your Blackstone griddle by protecting it. In this pursuit, you could consider two covers: a griddle cover and a hard cover.

An excellent Blackstone griddle cover comes with PVC material, resisting sun, mildew, and snow. Its sturdy buckle straps will help protect the grill against strong winds. On the other hand, the hard cover helps protect the surface of your device.

Various cooking accessories suffice when upgrading your Blackstone griddle. In this case, you could consider the steaming dome, windscreen, and lodge burger press.

A reliable steaming dome is suitable for melting cheese or steaming vegetables. You could also use it to fry bacon. On the other hand, a windscreen is essential in protecting your griddle against strong winds.

In addition, you’ll need to invest in high-quality wind guards. This element will help protect your Blackstone griddle against inclement weather. Alternatively, you could build a DIY makeshift wind guard.

Everyone looks forward to enhanced value for money. Since a Blackstone griddle is an invaluable asset, you’ll want to take care of it, improving its longevity.

Winterizing this device will be one of the best ways to enhance its functionality. Usually, winterizing a Blackstone griddle translates to enhanced protection against weather and environmental elements. The idea is to keep your machine safe from extreme temperature levels.

When Should you Consider Getting Upgrades for a Blackstone Griddle?

You’ll need to consider various elements when deciding when to upgrade your Blackstone griddle.

Your reasons for the upgrade will range from functionality to aesthetics. Regardless, you’ll need to meet your preferences and desires first.

You could opt for an upgrade when the current Blackstone griddle fails to meet your growing needs.

In this case, you might consider a bigger plate or a device that offers more heat. A much bigger device might guarantee you the satisfaction you desire in the long run.

You might also consider upgrading your device to meet new or advanced technological needs.

Notably, various changes have happened in the manufacturing and technology worlds. Choosing a machine with multiple modern features will ensure that you meet your needs more comfortably in the long run.

Further, additional accessories have proven the best way to upgrade your Blackstone griddle.

This is an option you will consider when on a budget. It allows you to select different accessories that might help improve functionality and longevity.

Blackstone Griddle Drain Mod

An excellent Blackstone griddle offers various trays to help drain grease.

This feature ensures that you get quality food in the long run. You can expect a front and a rear or back drain in most cases.

Each griddle drain offers specific services.

Yet, some people will prefer using the front option, particularly during windy seasons. It will help cushion you against significant mess in the long run.

An excellent drain mod will focus on eliminating any mess caused. You’ll need to follow specific steps to achieve this.

First, ensure that you bend the kit upwards yet slightly. Next, attach the backyard slide griddle kit with a reliable drain edge.

Ensure that you tighten the gear before proceeding to the next step. The last step involves placing a grease cup below the kit.

This cup comes in handy in collecting the accumulated grease to reduce the mess.

Ensure that you do the Blackstone griddle drain mod on time. This element will ensure that your foods remain savory at all times.

Blackstone Griddle Heat Shield

You’ll need a reliable Blackstone griddle heat shield to help deflect the annoying effects of heat and wind. Investing in this shield will help control the temperature of your heat when cooking.

You could also rely on it to extinguish flames whenever necessary.

You can choose between a front and rear wind or heat shield, depending on personal preferences. This modification will help keep your cooking safe.

However, you must understand how to install it for the ultimate cooking experience. An expert could help handle this process.

Upgrades to Help With Hotter Temperatures on a Blackstone Griddle

Hot temperatures provide an immersive cooking experience. Yet, you must understand how to improve this temperature, particularly on windy days. There are two effective ways: winterize and install a wind guard.

Installing a wind guard will ensure that the temperature levels remain in control. This move will cushion you against the annoying effects of unsteady temperature or heat levels. On the other hand, winterizing your device will cushion it against various elements.

This modification will also ensure that you prepare your meals during any season.

Final Thoughts

As you look forward to improving your cooking experience, upgrading your Blackstone griddle will be a priority. The modifications above will be an excellent starting point. Yet, you can personalize them per your preferences or budget.