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How long to broil steak after sous vide? (Explained)

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There are many ways to cook steak, and sous vide is quickly becoming a favorite with people all over.

The sous vide process involves vacuum sealing a steak and immersing it in water, which helps at a specific temperature to achieve the correct doneness.

However, sous vide steak is also best if you broil it after getting a char or a crust on the outside.

So, how long is the recommended broiling time for sous vide steak? 

Sous Vide Process

The process of sous vide usually takes approximately an hour. If you keep the steak immersed for longer, the meat changes its texture and may cause an unpleasant feeling.

Once the steak is finished cooking in the water bath, you’ll want to immerse the steak in cold water while still sealed in the bag to halt the process. 

Once the steak is sous vide, it can be frozen or remain in the refrigerator for up to six days.

If you freeze the steak, avoid using salt to prevent drying, and make sure you thaw slowly to prevent further cooking. 

Broiling Sous Vide Steak

If you have sous vide steak, leave it in the vacuum-sealed bag as long as possible until you’re ready to cook it. When you broil steak, it’s essential to watch it closely and not leave it unattended. Be sure to use any seasoning you want to add right before putting it in the broiler.

You can use a regular stove broiler or a customer broiler. In most instances, you must set the temperature to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The time for cooking is only about three to four minutes on each side.


Watch the steak to avoid overcooking. Some people may prefer to coat the steak with flour or marinate it to add more taste, but the steak can be broiled with a simple addition of salt and pepper.

Once the steak is finished cooking in the broiler, you’ll want to let it sit and rest for a few minutes before eating it. 

Tips for Broiling 

Broilers tend to cook differently depending on the type, age, and quality. It’s best to familiarize yourself with how your broiler works before attempting to broil a sous vide steak. Cooking with the broiler also requires your full attention and may need you to take action quickly once the steak reaches the desired doneness. 

If you add more butter and seasoning, it’s important to remember that it may burn or char. When using butter, be sure to temper it with an oil that has a high smoking point.

This action prevents burning and bitter flavors. It also helps prevent smoking. 


If you choose to sous, vide steak, using a broiler is a good option for creating a crust and texture on the outside. Avoid cooking it for too long because it can quickly overcook.

You only need to cook it for a few minutes on each side. Be careful using butter and seasoning because they easily burn under the broiler’s high heat.