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Can you freeze steak after best before date?  (Explained)

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As the price of groceries continues to rise, more and more people are looking for ways to extend the longevity of their food.

Thankfully, there is a simple way to preserve expensive cuts of meat, such as steaks. Freezing meat is an excellent way to cut shopping costs and ensure your kitchen is stocked with everything you need for a delicious meal. 

Can you freeze steak after the best before date passes?

Never freeze steak after the best before date passes.

Although your steak may smell good and look normal, it is no longer fit for consumption after the best before date.

For perishable foods like steak, the date on the package is not a suggestion but a guide to ensure proper storage and safe consumption.

To avoid waste and protect yourself, it is best to freeze steak prior to or on the day of the best before date. 

How do you freeze steak properly?

To properly freeze a steak, you must ensure that no air can touch the surface. When freezing, wrap your raw steaks individually in plastic wrap and place them in a sealable plastic bag.

To ensure a perfect freeze, make sure your freezer is as cold as it can go. If stored correctly, a frozen steak can last three months in the freezer before the quality begins to decline.

Be sure to track when your steaks are frozen so they can be used while still fresh. 

Should you freeze steak after the best before date?

Although you may think expired steak looks fine, you should never freeze it after the best before date has passed. The best before date indicates how long your steak is safe for consumption.

Once this date passes, there is no guarantee that your steak is safe to eat. To avoid serious illness, you should never freeze steak after the best before date.

When would you need to freeze steak?

To ensure your steak’s safety, taste, and texture, try your best to freeze it before the use-by or best before date.

If you purchase a steak on the best before date, you need to freeze it immediately to preserve the quality before it expires. Avoid freezing steak after the best before date as it is no longer safe to eat and could cause a foodborne illness.

How long is steak good for after best before date?

Unless frozen, steak expires as soon as the best before date passes.

While expired steak may look good, consuming it after the best before date can cause potentially deadly foodborne illnesses.

To avoid getting sick, throwing out expired meat is best. Properly frozen steak can be consumed up to three months after the best before date has passed. 

Final Thoughts

While it may be tempting to freeze steak after the best before date has passed, to ensure your safety, always freeze steak before the best before date. 

Foodborne illnesses can cause severe and deadly complications but can be avoided with safe kitchen practices. Properly freezing your steaks prior to the best before date can help save you money and keep you safe.