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Best Steak at Texas Roadhouse: Here’s What To Know

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Best Steak at Texas Roadhouse

When is the last time you had a supremely good steak? A steak that was juicy, tender, flavorful, and cooked to perfection? An excellent steak can be a rare treat, especially if you’re not sure which restaurants are actually worth your time and money. 

The next time you’re craving a savory hunk of mouth-watering steak, swing by the Texas Roadhouse. Seasoned, seared, and cooked exactly the way you want, Texas Roadhouse offers some of the finest steaks around, and all for a great price, too. Their steak selections are the same across locations, so wherever you are, you can enjoy the finest steaks of the Texas Roadhouse!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why Texas Roadhouse steaks are so delicious, how much they usually cost, and what you can do to get yourself one.

Does Texas Roadhouse make good steak?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse makes excellent steak! Their hand-cut steaks are well-seasoned and properly seared before being cooked to your preferred temperature.

Texas Roadhouse has many incredible steak selections, including their  New York Strip, Bone-in Ribeye, USDA Choice Sirloin, FT. Worth Ribeye, Dallas Filet, and smothered Chop Steak “Road Kill.” 

Each of these juicy, savory steaks is served with one or more of their hearty sides along with their famous Cinnamon-Honey Buns & Butter. Texas Roadhouse is well known across the country for their top-quality steaks and amazing dinners.

What makes Texas Roadhouse steak so good?

Texas Roadhouse steaks are great because they only use premium USDA cuts of meat, and their grill masters are thoroughly trained in Texas Roadhouse methods so that every steak comes out just right. 

Texas Roadhouse hand selects and trims their meat cuts in-house. This means that you always get a quality cut prepared by their expert butchers.

After you order one of Texas Roadhouse’s premium steaks, your cut of meat is seasoned with their in-house seasoning and seared to create a perfect outer crust. Then, your steak is cooked perfectly to your selected temperature.

Texas Roadhouse grill masters are trained in their unique methods to ensure high quality across all locations.

Why would you try to get a steak at Texas Roadhouse?

The main reason to try a steak at Texas Roadhouse is so you can see all that they have to offer. With their various selections of high-quality cuts, you can try a lot of different steaks at an affordable price.

If you love a good steak, you’re sure to enjoy Texas Roadhouse’s menu of hand-cut meat selections. One night you might try their savory Bone-in Ribeye, and on your next trip you could go for their famous Porterhouse. With tons of different sides to try, you can make your dinner a new experience every time.

At the Texas Roadhouse, everything is reasonably priced so that you get the high-quality food you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

How much do good steaks at Texas Roadhouse usually cost?

Texas Roadhouse steaks are priced between $10.00 and $30.00 across locations.

Their most affordable steak is their 6oz USDA Choice Sirloin, which comes in at $10.00. On the other end of the spectrum, their 23oz Porterhouse T-Bone is $26.99. 

Their other premium steak cuts fall somewhere in between these two price ends, which is pretty darn good for a quality steak dinner these days! 

On top of that, you can order a range of other items from their menu, like burgers, sandwiches, and sides. Each of these is typically around $5.00 – $10.00, so you can get a lot of food for a great price at the Roadhouse.

Are all the steaks the same between locations?

Yes, all the steaks are the same between locations. You can get the same steak cuts and high quality meat no matter what location you go to.

Maybe you tried a great “Road Kill,” or their smothered Chop Steak, at a Texas Roadhouse and you’re wondering if you can get that at any Texas Roadhouse.

Or maybe you’re just craving the heck out of their classic New York Strip and you want to make sure you’re getting the same meal at another location.

You can rest easy knowing that everything you love about the steaks at Texas Roadhouse can be found at any location. 

Final Thoughts 

The Texas Roadhouse is a great stop for an excellent steak offered at a great price. Whether you’re feeling a New York Strip, a Porterhouse, or a Ribeye, Texas Roadhouse has you covered.

With their in-house methods and meat-selection, you’ll leave feeling satisfied each and every time!