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HEB Wagyu Brisket | 7 Cool Facts

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HEB wagyu brisket 

Wagyu brisket is one of the most coveted pieces of Meat. Fortunately, H-E-B happens to sell them. The marbling is excellent, and the thickness of the meat is perfectly centered for optimal cooking.

Frankly, it is one of the best tasting grades of me especially regarding brisket.

wagyu is really just a type of braided cattle, and is also commonly bread with American cows. Traditionally, it is strictly from the Japanese line of cow, but in America a lot of the wagyu styled pieces of meat will commonly say American wagyu.

A good way to actually see whether or not the meet is from Japan or America is to flip it over and check the back labeling. They should give you a clear indication as to where it came from.

Price of Wagyu at HEB

The price of wagyu at H-E-B can vary. It is definitely on the more expensive side when comparing it to prime or choice grade. Specifically, a wagyu brisket can cost anywhere from $6 per pound to about $8.23 per pound.

What is so special about wagyu compared to the other grades

One of the great things about wagyu compared to other grades of brisket, is that it has superior marbling, which is a direct result of a special type of cattle that was bred for that purpose.

Superior marbling

The wagyu grade of beef brisket is superior in many regards to even prime grade. 

It has excellent marbling all throughout the meat, and is extremely easy to cook all the way through. Once the collagen and fat render down, the meat becomes incredibly tender.

Special breeding

Traditional wagyu beef is from a certain line of cattle in Japan. In America, it is common to have this line of cattle be bread with the famed Angus beef cattle.

The difference between traditional wagyu brisket and American wagyu is pretty small. The texture is still very much tender and buttery. Despite that, if you are trying to obtain some kind of difference between the two, the Japanese would definitely win.

Is HEB Wagyu real?

In HEB wagyu is absolutely real. Commonly, the traditional Japanese line of cow is cross bread with American cow. Specifically Angus beef cattle. This produces a relatively excellent grade of beef while also maintaining the Angus flavor.

Where does HEB Wagyu beef come from?

HEB wagyu beef is usually grown here in Texas or America. Commonly, there are a specific breed of cattle that is a mix between Angus beef and Japanese wagyu.

Is a Wagyu brisket worth it?

American Wagyu Brisket is definitely worth it. It has superior marbling compared to prime and choice grade, while also having the great beef flavor from the Angus line of cattle. 

This is the perfect combination because it provides the right amount of marbeling, texture, flavor, and ability to write it down properly specifically for a barbecue.

Does Wagyu brisket cook faster?

Since there is a lot of marbling and intramuscular fat, it can definitely cook a lot faster than briskets that have mainly connective tissue to break down and render.

Usually, American wagyu briskets will have the perfect balance between intramuscular fat and connective tissue. Not only does this make it cook faster because fat is generally easier to break down than proteins, but the brisket itself will come out incredibly tender, juicy, and flavorful.