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9 Gifts For Traeger Lovers

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Gifts for Traeger lovers

Whether a birthday or gift-giving holiday is coming up, if you have a friend or a loved one who owns a Traeger grill, you may have considered giving a related gift to them.

It might feel a bit overwhelming with the number of accessories you can find online, though. So what are some good gifts to give? What are the popular accessories every Traeger owner should have?

Can you give them a Traeger gift card? Should you get them a new grease bucket?

Is a rotisserie a good accessory for a Traeger grill? What about thermometers since barbecue and grilling is all about cooking to temperature? Every Traeger owner needs pellets, too.

What are some good gifts to give someone with a Traeger?

Some good ideas for a Traeger owner include Traeger apparel, barbecue cookbooks, sauces, and rubs. 

If the person who you are searching for cannot stop talking about their Traeger grill, you can hop on Traeger’s website and find some fun shirts that will allow them to wear their pride on their chest.

Barbecue cookbooks are always a good idea to give them more ideas and add some new recipes to their menus. Rubs and sauces are key ingredients in most kinds of barbecue and grilling, so be on the lookout for new and high-quality items.

What accessories are popular with Traeger grills?

Several accessories will suit Traeger owners well, such as new tools or even tool hooks. 

Every grill master needs tongs and spatulas, so a high-quality set of tools will be welcome.

If they already have a great set of tools, a set of magnetic tool hooks like these off Amazon will help organize their cooking area. 

Traeger gift cards

If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for the Traeger lover in your life, a gift card to Traeger’s online store can take the guesswork out of gift-giving. 

You can pay for an emailed gift card in any amount on and it will be sent over with instructions on how to use it.

Gift cards are an excellent way to make sure someone gets what they want if you are having a hard time choosing the perfect gift.

Buying a Traeger bucket

Every Traeger grill needs a grease bucket, and you can get that special Traeger owner a replacement bucket. has a replacement Traeger-branded bucket for 14.99 as of April 2022. If you want to help protect that investment, you can also pick up a pack of bucket liners as well. 

Buying a rotisserie for a Traeger grill

While you may consider a rotisserie kit since they work well with a lot of grills, Traeger grills are not designed with the ability to accommodate a rotisserie kit. 

While you cannot achieve the self-basting results of a rotisserie in a Traeger grill, you do get the even all-around cooking due to the indirect heat.

While the idea of making rotisserie chicken is good, Traeger grills turn out fantastic whole chickens without needing extra equipment.

Thermometers for a Traeger grill

When it comes to cooking of any type, including a Traeger grill, you determine when the meat is done by its internal temperature, so thermometers and temperature probes are a great gift for a Traeger owner. 

While the Pro and Ironwood series comes with an included probe and the new Timberline series models come with two included MEATER+ wireless probes, extra probes and thermometers are always a good idea.

Sometimes people will cook multiple types of meat or irregular sizes of the same meat. Having multiple probes helps ensure accurate cooking.

Pellets for a Traeger grill

Every Traeger owner needs pellets for their grill so grabbing a 20-pound bag or two is always a good option. 

Whether it is the iconic flavors that are always available or the occasional limited edition blends available on, a new bag of pellets is welcome. It also means that the Traeger owner does not have to worry about getting more for at least another long smoking session.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself needing to purchase a gift for the Traeger owner in your life, there are plenty of quality options.

If they are a dyed-in-the-wool Traeger fanatic, there are several shirts available on

Rubs and sauces are always a good option as well as tools and magnetic tool hooks.

While Traeger grills cannot accommodate rotisserie kits, you can always give them a replacement grease bucket or thermometers and temperature probes. Bags of pellets are always a great option as well.