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How to remove all pellets from Traeger? (Explained)

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Once you have decided to store your Traeger grill for the season, one of the most important things you can do to protect your Traeger grill is to make sure that all of the pellets are removed and your Traeger is ready for use at a later time.

Below you will find how to properly remove the pellets from the Traeger and when you should do that process. 

How To Remove All Pellets From Traeger

When you start to release your pellets from the hopper, use the following steps to make sure they are removed properly. 

  1. Unscrew your release door if the model Traeger you have has one available. Once it is opened, the pellets should dump right out and you can continue cleaning your grill. 
  2. If your Traeger does not have a release door then you need to remove the pellet guard within your grill. It will unscrew and come out easily. Once removed, you will be able to take a vacuum and remove the pellets that are in the grill. 

No matter what Traeger grill model you have, you need to make sure the grill is off before you put your hands in there to start removing pellets.

When Should You Remove Pellets From Traeger

There are two times when you should remove the pellets from your Traeger. First, if you are planning to store away your Traeger grill for a while because of the cooler season.

Also, you may have pellets that have gotten wet or no longer in good condition. When this happens, they need to be changed and replaced with new pellets. 

Should I Empty The Pellets From Traeger?

Even if you use your Traeger year-round, it is a good idea to periodically change out your pellets.

When you have smoked with them multiple times, they will start to lose their flavor and integrity. In order to make space for the new pellets, you will need to remove the old ones. This is also true if you want to use a different type of pellet.

There are a few signs to watch for to know if you should change the pellets in your Traeger. If your pellets are crumbling easy and appear to be clumps of dust, then they are no longer good to use.

If you have noticed moisture in your pellets and they are looking dull, that is also another indicator that they should be emptied. 

What Does Removing All The Pellets From a Traeger Do?

Once you have removed all of the pellets from the Traeger, you are able to go in and give your grill the necessary restart it needs. Pellets are meant to fuel your grill with heat and also flavor your food. IF one or both is not happening, then it is time to remove them.

You are able to do a deep clean on the Traeger and prepare it for new flavors. Expect the heat to become more blanaced across becuase you will be adding back new and fresh pellets. 

Can you leave pellets in Traeger

While you can leave some pellets in your Traeger for a little while, you do not want to leave the same pellets in there at all times. When they start to break down and your food is no longer cooking evenly, pellets need to be removed.

Also, leaving pellets in your Traeger when you store it can cause damage to the grill if they are holding moisture inside of the grill.

Having that much mostiure inside of the grill for months or weeks can cause corrosion in your grill, forcing you to do maintenance on your Traeger before you can use. 

Final thoughts 

Pellets are an important part of having a Traeger grill and being able to smoke your proteins and dishes properly. In order to keep the same consistency and taste any time you turn the grill on, you need to know how to remove the pellets in your Traeger grill and when it is time.

Knowing the signs allow you to protect the longevity and the integriy of your Traeger grill so that it is working properly when you bring it out for the next smoking season.