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7 Things To Know About Using A Dutch Oven On Blackstone Griddles

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Dutch Oven on Blackstone Griddle

A Dutch oven is a heavy-duty cast iron pot that can cook and even bake a staggering array of foods.

So, it’s no wonder why it would pair so nicely with an equally versatile Blackstone griddle for doing things like braising side dishes, simmering soups, and doing a lot of the things you would use a normal pot for on a flat top stove.

While you can use a traditional kitchen pot on a Blackstone griddle, the relatively thin metal won’t hold a uniform amount of heat.

It can also burn and scorch food on the bottom if the heat is set too high.

Blackstone understands just how versatile their griddles are, and they even offer an accessory Dutch oven that you can use in a variety of ways.

It is slightly oval-shaped, with two handles that let you take it directly from the griddle to be served at the table family-style.

What Are Dutch Ovens?

Dutch ovens are heavy-duty cast iron pots with solid lids that heat uniformly and do a good job of holding onto that heat energy.

They were the original cooking pots used by colonists, cowboys, and pioneers to make baked beans and camp stews.

They could be hung over a fire, set in the coals on three sturdy legs, or even buried in the ground to bake.

They were reinvented in the second half of the 20th Century to work in a modern kitchen, by adding a durable layer of semi-nonstick porcelain.

This made them colorful to look more like modern cookware, while also helping to prevent the rust problems that killed most pioneer Dutch ovens. Though this transformation also removed the three legs Dutch ovens used for support over campfire coals.

Today you can use both the old-fashioned exposed cast iron Dutch ovens and the colorful enamel-coated versions sitting on many Blackstone griddles.

Can You Use A Dutch Oven on a Blackstone Griddle?

A Dutch oven is a great addition to any Blackstone griddle, though you want a model with a flat bottom, rather than three legs.

Especially if you want to prepare side dishes like simmering cobs of corn or warming a can of baked beans without having to run back and forth to the kitchen.

Though it’s best to use a version that doesn’t have the three feet on it. A flat-bottomed Dutch oven will have better head conductivity with the Blackstone’s griddle top.

Why Would You Use A Dutch Oven on a Blackstone Griddle?

The thick cast iron of a Dutch oven does a better job of absorbing heat than a typical kitchen pot, which makes it a better option for preparing side dishes on your Blackstone griddle.

With proper preheating, you can make corn on the cob, heat baked beans, fry bread, and even bake certain dishes like cinnamon rolls.

This level of versatility makes Dutch ovens and Blackstone griddles a great pairing for outdoor RV and camp kitchens.

You can even use them to simmer soups and stews or fry the fresh fish you catch.

Can You Use Pots on a Griddle?

You can use a typical kitchen pot on a griddle for doing things like simmering water and warming side dishes.

Ideally, you want to use a bottom-clad pot that has a thick sandwich of metal fused into the bottom. This will reduce the scorching that can easily occur when you use a thin metal pot on a hot outdoor griddle.

Using a Blackstone Cast Iron Oval Griddle Dish

Blackstone offers a cast iron griddle dish that is essentially like a combination of a Dutch Oven and a classic cast iron frying pan. It has two handles to make it easier to carry, from the griddle to the serving table.

You can use a Blackstone griddle dish to make a wide range of things from fried chicken, to fry bed, sauteed vegetables, and more.

Since it doesn’t have the three legs, like old-fashioned Dutch ovens used for camp cooking, you can set the Blackstone cast iron oval griddle dish directly on the griddle top.

Give it a solid 10 to 15 minutes to properly preheat, and you can use it just like any type of cast iron cookware.

It also has two firm handles that let you pick it up and move it directly to the table for family-style serving. Just make sure to put a wood cutting board or some other type of heat-resistant pad down to prevent the hot cast iron from scorching the table.

Final Thoughts

The heat potential of a Blackstone griddle invites cast iron cookware to join the culinary party.

With proper preheating, a cast iron Dutch oven or a Blackstone griddle dish can become the perfect vessel for a staggering array of foods. It means that soups, stews, and even fried chicken can all be made on a griddle.

If you don’t have a traditional Dutch oven, or you have a three-legged model, your next best way to simmer and braise on a Blackstone griddle is to use a bottom-clad saucepot.

The sandwiched cladding of extra metal on the bottom will reduce the risk of scorching food like a thin metal pot is prone to do.