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Does Costco sell brisket? (Explained!)

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Does Costco sell brisket 

Costco definitely sells briskets of all sorts of sizes and grades. Like typical types of briskets that you can expect to buy while shopping at Costco can range from Select Grade all the way to Prime grade. As you start to go higher and higher into the grades and end up with prime, you can expect higher amounts of marveling throughout the meat. 

Marbling really helps cook the brisket efficiently and helps protect the precious connective tissues from overcooking and becoming dry. In other words, having a higher grade piece of brisket from Costco can make it a lot easier to smoke overall. Not only that,  but most briskets at Costco range anywhere from about 10 to 20 lb for a packer style brisket. 

These Packers style briskets come jam-packed with both the flat and the point piece of the muscle. 

The flat is basically the far leaner part, while the point is a lot more fattier in nature. You can choose to cut these and half later on, but most people will actually just leave them intact and smoke the entire packer in one go. 

You can locate the briskets specifically in the meat market area. Head on over to the meat market counter and perhaps even ask the butcher where they are located.

Most of the time Costco will have them in these large Meat Market bins that you can just walk up to and grab however many briskets you want. 

If you want the brisket to be trimmed or cut in any way grab the Packer style brisket and bring it to the meat market counter and have the butcher modify it for you.

Final thoughts 

 brisket is a fantastic place to buy briskets from. Always know that they have briskets in stock and they range from grades from select to choice, all the way up to Prime grade. If you want an easy cooking session for your brisket, consider getting a higher grade such as Prime due to the higher marble and content. 

You don’t have to, and you can certainly opt for the cheaper cut of a brisket that is known as Select Grade. It is a lot more lean over all including even in the point, but can be a great way to get started with knowing how to cook a brisket to begin with.