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Costco prime brisket (Explained!)

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Costco prime brisket

Costco carries all sorts of briskets that range from all different types of grades. The most coveted of which though, is prime brisket. Prime brisket at Costco is basically just High marbling within the fibers of the connective tissue within the brisket itself. 

This makes for very efficient cooks and produces very tender pieces of barbecue. A lot of the time, people will only buy Prime brisket due to how easily it can come out great. Brisket in nature is a very finicky piece of meat. It requires a lot of tending to and can really be messed up if you don’t pay attention, and pull it off at the right time and internal temperature.

Not only that, but Prime briskets at Costco are relatively cheap for the amount of meat that you get and the quality of meat you get. 

You can expect to buy one for about $3.99 per pound. That is really a great bargain compared to other Prime grade pieces of steak that you can get elsewhere. 

At Costco, you buy things in bulk and you can really say a lot of money while obtaining fantastic Quality Meat in the process.

 As you start to look around the meat market and wonder where to buy one within Costco, go to one of the main meat bin areas and you should see them all jam-packed in a giant meat container. When selecting the grade, look on the back of it to see what the label says. 

You should see that it is a red label that says prime.

Sometimes, Costco will actually carry Choice grade briskets, so if you’re looking specifically for a prime grade brisket, just make sure to check the back label for every brisket you buy.

Final thoughts

Prime grade briskets are amazing pieces of meat that you can buy for around $3.99 per pound. 

Costco carries these in bulk, so whenever you go make sure to load up and get a ton of meat to go with you and smoke it at home. Also Make sure that you actually are getting a prime brisket though, and always be sure to check the back label that says Prime and not Choice. 

Having a choice versus Prime brisket from Costco usually results in slightly different products, even though they may have been cooked the same.

 Prime grade briskets have high marbling, which means that they have high fat content within the fibers of the meat. This produces very tender results and can actually make it quite a bit easier to smoke overall.