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Costco is an amazing place to buy anything in bulk for cheap.

If you want to buy a Costco Picanha, you are in luck!

In this post we’ll be discussing some high level points regarding all things Picanha at Costco.

Does Costco sell Picanha?

Costco definitely sells Picanha.

If you are looking to buy one, you need to go to the meat section.

Take a look in the bins, and examine the contents.

You will find all kinds of cryo-vacuumed sealed bags with tons of meat in them.

They come in packages of around two to three actual Picanha’s per bag.

The price per pound for prime Picanha at Costco is roughly $6.69/lb.

That can be a great bargain when shopping for some awesome meat.

Here’s a picture of what they look like:

Picanha at Costco - Top Sirloin Cap

The only downside to buying a Picanha at Costco is that the Picanha Cuts you get in these vacuumed sealed bags is actually just the meat itself – with the fat cap removed!

If you want a Picanha with a great, juicy fat cap on top – you will need to head on over to the meat counter and promptly ask one of the meat butchers to provide you with the following: 

Sirloin cap steak with the fat cap on

This will indicate to them that you want a Picanha with the fat cap still in tact.

Personally, I LOVE having the fat cap on my Picanha’s.

If you DON’T want the fat cap on your Picanha when shopping at Costco – then you can just go back to the meat bins and pick up:

Beef Loin Top Sirloin Cap 

This one will just be the Picanha without the fat cap in tact.

Costco Picanha Price?

Picanha at Costco comes in a variety of prices, determined primarily through the grade you are selecting. 

Here’s a list of Prices for Picanha when buying it at Costco:

Grade of PicanhaPrice Per lb

Here’s a couple pictures of each of the different grades of Picanha at Costco:

Where can I find Picanha meat?

Since we’re talking about buying Picanha at Costco – all you need to do is head over to either the meat counter and ask the butcher for a cut, or to walk over to the meat bin with the sealed bags. 

If you don’t have a Costco nearby – don’t worry.

Just follow the same process as mentioned above at your local grocery store and try to see if they have availability.

One of the things I’ve noticed about buying Picanha at Costco and other grocery stores – you generally have to ask multiple people in order to find someone who actually knows what you’re talking about.

Can you ask this in store or do you need to order ahead? 

You don’t need to call ahead – generally speaking – since Picanha is really not that well known anyways.

Therefore, since there isn’t that much competition for getting that particular cut of meat – you can usually just show up and pick one up on the spot.

Is Picanha a good cut?

Picanha is an amazing cut of meat.

It’s a traditionally selected form of serving meat in Brazil – and is better known by the preparation method.

Specifically, it is served Churrascaria style. 

For more information on what the different Picanha Cuts are:

When buying the Picanha Cut at Costco – it can come out amazingly well.

That is due to the fact that most of the meat you will find in Costco is tenderized, and has excellent marbling quality. 

The marbling quality is simply a result of the grades you are selecting.

Prime and Choice grade Picanha at Costco is among the most popular types you will find.

Since the Picanha at Costco doesn’t have a fat cap – some people claim that you don’t need one anyways just because of the excellent quality of the meat with regards to the marbling. 

Speaking of marbling, check this out:

Picanha Costco - Marbling

Personally, I am of the opinion that when buying one at Costco – you will want to get one with the fat cap still in tact!

Why is picanha not popular?

Picanha is not that popular because it is traditionally a Brazilian style of preparing meat.

That means since it’s a foreign cut of meat – not that many people in the States will actually know what it even is. 

The one’s that do know what Picanah is are generally those who either frequent one of the many Brazilian steakhouses around the U.S. or they are barbecue connoisseur’s much like myself!