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Burner not working on Blackstone Griddle? 6 tips To Follow

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Blackstone Griddle One Burner Not Working

When one of the burner elements stops working on your Blackstone griddle it can make it extremely difficult to create dual heat zones across the cooktop.

A problem like this is often a failure in the burner’s igniter component or a dirty burner tube that’s preventing proper combustion.

Though some other mechanical issues could also affect burner performance.

To properly troubleshoot the malfunctioning burner, we are going to have to ask and answer a few key questions.

Why Does My Blackstone Igniter Not Work?

If your Blackstone griddle’s ignitor isn’t working, it could simply be that the AA battery has a loose connection or it is too low on charge to create a strong enough spark for ignition.

Though this problem would cause ignition problems with all of the burner elements.

If replacing the battery doesn’t get the malfunctioning burner to ignite, check the physical components.

Sometimes a simple alignment issue can prevent the spark from igniting the propane gas.

If you do find loose components try tightening them back into alignment and reigniting the malfunctioning burner.

How To Fix Blackstone Griddle Burners Not Turning On?

When one of your griddle’s burners stops working, you should check the battery and the alignment of the igniter components before inspecting the burner tube.

If everything is in order with the battery and the alignment of the igniter, you should suspect a dirty burner.

Grease and debris can sometimes escape the grease management system to clog the primary vent where the propane gas comes out.

If you haven’t cleaned your burners in a while, it might be that too many of the flame ports have been clogged for the element to burn efficiently.

It is also possible that a dead bug may have gotten into the burner tube and is preventing the proper gas flow needed for combustion.  

How Do You Clean Blackstone Griddle Burners?

Cleaning a Blackstone griddle burner starts by removing the cooktop, and meticulously cleaning the malfunctioning burner element using the following steps.

Step One: Make sure the griddle top is reasonably clean before carefully removing it to access the underlying burner element.

Step Two: Disconnect the malfunctioning burner tube by carefully backing out the screws that secure it to the griddle’s frame.

If you have one of Blackstone’s larger outdoor griddles, you might also need to remove the small screws that hold the burner knob assembly to the exterior of the firebox.

Step Three: Carefully lift and pull the tube out of its slot in the firebox.

Step Four: Use a bottle brush or compressed air to remove all debris from the flame ports.

If you come across a badly clogged flame port, you can use the tip of a wooden grill skewer or a round toothpick to clear away the debris.  

Step Five: Reinstall the burner port and reattach all the necessary screws before testing for proper ignition.

If it fires up with a strong blue flame, you can reattach the griddle top to use it like normal.

What Should The Flame On a Blackstone Look Like?

A good propane flame should be primarily blue, with just minor flickers of yellow.

If the flame has a lot of yellow or orange colors and you can smell the classic sulfur rotten egg smell of propane, then something is causing a low oxidation rate.

This type of inefficient burning is usually caused by either low pressure in the gas line or a very dirty burner element. 

Final Thoughts

When a single burner in a Blackstone griddle stops working, the problem is usually linked to a clogged burner element, a loose ignition component, or a problem with the AA battery.

If it is a simple misalignment issue or loose battery connection in the electric igniter it should be a simple fix.

If the problem persists, then you might need to take the griddle top off to clean the underlying burner element.

Dead bugs, grease, or food debris that escapes the cooktops grease management system can sometimes clod a single burner tube causing it to stop working.

If everything in the electric igniter system is in good working order, and the burner element is perfectly clean, you might want to contact Blackstone’s technical support.

They are based in the United States and have a reputation for vigorously backing their products, and their griddles typically carry a one-year warranty.