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Costco Brisket Recipe | 9 Helpful Tips

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Costco Brisket Recipes can be of a very wide range. Although there are only a few ways to cook a brisket, the seasonings and rub can create a taste that is delicious and unique. Some choose to marinate their brisket prior to cooking, while some will inject their brisket with the ingredients they desire.

The type of wood you choose to place in your smoker can also determine the taste of your brisket.

Many people think making a brisket is hard, but it’s really easy if you keep your heat low and you allow the proper cooking time to end up with a moist and tender brisket that’s juicy and full of flavor.

Getting The Right Grade of Brisket

When you shop for your brisket, there are several grades you can choose from. The best grade is going to be the prime grade. The prime grade will offer you the best quality of marbling.

Marbling is the tiny strands of fat that run through the meat and these strands are what provide your flavor and your juiciness.

Prime grade comes from young cattle and that is the best selection when you are looking for a tender brisket. You could also choose a choice grade brisket.

You may not find as much marbling in a choice grade brisket and you may find that it could need to cook a little longer to reach the exact tenderness you require.

Thickness Of The Brisket

Thickness is important in a brisket. A brisket can be up to 6 inches thick at its thickest point. When you purchase your brisket, try to choose the one that has the most consistency of thickness from end to end.

You won’t find one that’s perfect, but if it’s close, it’ll help you have a more evenly cook through the brisket.

Avoid a brisket that offers you anything less than one inch on the end of the flat. When it’s less than an inch, the thinner part can dry out before the thicker part is done.

The dry part will be tough and probably not edible and you won’t want any of your brisket to go to waste.

Seasoning The Brisket

The seasoning you choose to put on your brisket can be anything that you want. You may prefer kosher salt, black pepper, some type of Cajun seasoning, paprika, garlic, onion powder and so many more.

You can also choose a rub to put on your brisket.

You can purchase a rub from the store in a variety of flavors or you can make your own rub. You may also decide that injecting your brisket is the way you want to go.

You can make your own injections as well, with seasonings adding olive oil, Italian dressing or even cola. You can find your injection needle at the grocery store.

Whichever way you choose to season your brisket, consider seasoning it the night before you plan to cook it so that the meat has time to absorb your seasoning.

Pulling It Off The Smoker At The Right Time

When cooking your brisket, it’s important to watch the temperature of your smoker and it’s also important for you to watch your time. Check the internal temperature of your brisket before taking it off of the smoker. Your meat thermometer should read about 190 degrees.

This is a good temperature to take your brisket off the cooker. Check your meat to make sure it’s tender. You will find that it can take about 6 hours or more to cook the perfect brisket. Time and temperature are very important when cooking your brisket,

Letting The Brisket Rest

Once you’ve removed your brisket from your smoker, let it rest. Just sit it on the counter and walk away. A couple of hours is a good rest time for a brisket. The resting period will allow the meat to absorb all of those awesome flavors that you have created, making it full of flavor and juicy.

You will also be able to slice your brisket easily if you allow it to have a resting period. You can leave it wrapped in the tin foil that you cooked it in while it’s resting. Some like to open the foil a little to let the steam out.

Costco Brisket Sandwich Recipe

Brisket sandwiches are the reason that some cook brisket. Everyone may not want to cook their brisket and serve it with sides for dinner. They would prefer to cook it to make sandwiches with.

If you are making your brisket for sandwiches you can cook it the same way and when it’s done you simply slice it thin, place it on a bun and add your choice of sauce to it. You can eat a brisket sandwich with a side of potato salad and maybe baked beans or just eat it with some chips.

Getting The Right Buns

When you are planning to serve brisket sandwiches, getting the right buns can be important. Get the biggest hamburger type buns you can find so that you can serve a hearty sandwich. Pile that bun high with thinly sliced brisket and add your sauce to it.

Some may not choose to add sauce, they may want nothing but the bold flavor of the meat and smoke in their sandwich. Either way, it is going to be incredible. If the hamburger bun isn’t what you’re longing for, you might consider making your brisket sandwich on sour dough bread or a po-boy bun for a twist.

Slicing The Brisket After Smoking

After you have finished smoking your brisket, let it rest for a couple hours. After the resting period, you can slice your brisket. Slice it thin. About a quarter of an inch is the perfect thickness. This would be perfect for your dinner or for making brisket sandwiches.

You’ll notice that your brisket is easier to slice when you allow for the resting period and you’ll also notice that it is juicy and moist. The resting period allows the meat to maintain moisture.

Adding Sauce

Adding sauce to your brisket is a way to kick it up a notch. You can choose your favorite bar b cue sauce to add to your brisket or you may even make your own from your favorite recipe. You’ll find flavors that are bold, spicy, sweet and tangy. The sauce you choose is going to depend on your own personal taste.

You can add the sauce to your sliced brisket and if you are making sandwiches, you might add the sauce to the brisket after you have stacked it on the bun. You will find that you are going to be able to create some of the most superior brisket sandwiches that anyone has ever had.