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Can You Use A Pellet Grill Under A Covered Patio | 11 Tips Explained

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Can I use a grill under a covered patio?

One of the perks of being a homeowner is getting to design your yard however you like. If you have a covered patio, you probably have thought about putting your grill under the covering to protect yourself from inclement weather like sizzling hot sunshine during the summer, driving rain, or that dreaded four-letter word, snow. Is it safe or even legal?

Can you use a smoker on a covered porch?

As long as the covered porch has adequate ventilation and you can keep proper clearance for your smoker, you can use a smoker on a covered porch. Double-check to see if there are any local or state ordinances where you live to make sure you aren’t getting yourself into trouble. You do need to be aware that your covered porch is going to smell like smoke a lot (but honestly, will you complain?) and there is the possibility for smoke stains.

Is it bad to grill under a covered porch?

If you are using a charcoal or gas grill or if your covered porch is screened in, you will not want to grill in there. Charcoal and gas grills can stain the ceiling of the covered porch, which will be unsightly. If you have a screened-in porch, the screens can negatively effect airflow. It can make less air get to your grill and carbon monoxide can get trapped in the porch, which is a hazard to your health. Also, a big enough flare-up could cause damage to the covered porch roof.

Can you use a pellet grill under a canopy?

Yes, you can use a pellet grill like a Traeger under a canopy. You need to make sure you have proper vertical clearance and keep fire hazards a safe distance from your grill as always, but you can use a canopy to protect yourself and your grill from the weather.

Can you grill under an awning?

As long as your grill is far away enough from the building the awning is attached to and you have the proper vertical clearance, you can grill under an awning. There are no airflow problems like a screened-in covered porch could have. However, the same concerns of staining and flare-ups exist if you are using a charcoal or gas grill.

Does the Traeger emit a lot of smoke?

During normal cooking, Traeger grills do not emit a lot of visible smoke. While the fan is humming away and you can hear your grill working, do not expect to see a lot of smoke pouring out from your grill. That can mean fewer smoke stains if you are grilling under a covering.

Where should a smoker be placed on a patio?

You want your smoker away from any buildings, flammable materials, and easy to see for other people walking around. 10 feet away from your house is a good rule of thumb. You also want to make sure you have plenty of good airflow to help your smoker work at its best.

How much clearance do you need above a grill?

If you have determined a safe place to put your grill under some type of cover, you still need to check to see if you have enough vertical clearance for the smoke and fire. Consult your owner’s manual for the minimum amount. Traeger recommends at least 40 inches. Pellet grills need less clearance than charcoal or gas grills. 

Where should you not put your grill?

Keep your grill away from any material that will easily burn or melt due to the heat of your grill. That means a safe distance from walls and railings. You also want to make sure you have enough airflow for your grill at all times as well. 

Removing any plants and other flammable items

You’ve got your grill safely away from your house, from any deck railings, and any other flammable material like wood posts for your pergola. Always check to make sure there are no other flammable items left around your grill, like decorative or edible plants, any outdoor toys, or outdoor furniture. Whenever you fire up any grill, you always want to be aware of the grill’s surroundings. Just because there isn’t a wall or railing nearby doesn’t mean there isn’t something that could catch fire and cause big problems. 

Are pellet grills a fire hazard?

Anytime you have something burning, there is a fire hazard. Grease can build up in a pellet grill and catch fire, causing possible damage and injury. However, keeping up with maintenance and keeping the proper clearances will minimize any risk.