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Camp Chef 36 vs Blackstone 36 (Explained!)

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Camp Chef 36 vs Blackstone 36

The first name that comes to mind for most people when it comes to outdoor griddles is Blackstone. However, Camp Chef has gotten into the griddle business as well.

So when you are looking for an outdoor griddle to add to your collection, are you going to go with the name you know? Is there a big difference in how much space a Camp Chef griddle takes up versus a Blackstone griddle? Does either have any special features?

How similar are they and what are the key differences?

Are Blackstone griddles the best?

When a company becomes synonymous with a product, it feels inevitable that the company will be regarded as the best.

Blackstone is not the only company making outdoor griddles, but they established the market. They have backed up the name recognition with a quality product as well.

That does not mean that other manufacturers are not catching up like Camp Chef is doing with their griddles.

Camp Chef 36 vs Blackstone 36 dimensions

The Camp Chef 600, which is set up with four burners like the Blackstone 36-inch griddle, offers 604 square inches of cooking space, while the Blackstone griddle boasts 720 square inches. Both grills are equally as wide, measuring 62.5 inches from tip to tip with their dual shelves up.

They are both 22 inches deep as well. The only difference in physical dimensions is the Camp Chef stands at 37 inches tall while the Blackstone is 36 inches.

Camp Chef 36 vs Blackstone 36 features

The griddles each have a large cooking surface perfect for cooking whole meals at once or cooking a lot of hot dogs and burgers for a large gathering.

To make sure you can get your griddle hot and ready, they feature an electric ignition to get the burners going.

Camp Chef 36 vs Blackstone 36 similarities

If you need space for preparing food or plating, both the Camp Chef and the Blackstone griddles come with dual side shelves to enhance your workspace.

Both griddles have grease traps to help facilitate the removal of buildup during the cooking process. They both have four burners to help set up four distinct cooking zones.

The cooking surface on both is cold-rolled steel which gives you a smooth surface to start your seasoning process to get the perfect nonstick surface.

Camp Chef 36 vs Blackstone 36 main differences

One of the biggest differences between the two griddles is that the flat top can be removed on the Camp Chef to reveal grill grates, so the griddle can be used as a gas grill as well. While outdoor griddles are versatile in that they can be used for any meal and cook just about any food, they will never give you grill marks. Well, the Camp Chef can be converted over if you are looking for those grill marks. 

The two griddles also handle grease management differently. The Blackstone has a rear system with a smaller opening that drips into a grease cup.

The Camp Chef has a trough in the front of the griddle that runs the entire length of the cooking surface before collecting and dripping through a funnel into the grease cup in the front left.

To aid in the effective flow of grease into the cup, the Camp Chef has levelers on the left legs to help adjust the height for better grease flow.

However, because of the levelers, the Camp Chef only has wheels on one side of it for when you want to move your griddle. The Blackstone has casters on all four legs to allow for easier movement. 

The Camp Chef comes pre-seasoned while the Blackstone needs to be cleaned and then seasoned. This gives a cook using the Camp Chef a quicker start when using the griddle for the first time.

The Blackstone griddle puts out more heat than the Camp Chef, capable of 60,000 BTUs versus the Camp Chef’s 48,000 BTUs. 

Final Thoughts

Both Blackstone and Camp Chef put out fantastic outdoor griddles for home use. These are substantial griddles capable of cooking large amounts of food at one time, perfect for a large get-together or making sure there are plenty of leftovers.

Blackstone is the most recognizable name, and they continue to put out a quality product. While Camp Chef may be newer to the griddle game, they have put out a good product with a more effective grease management system.

Neither griddle would be considered a portable option, but if you want to move your griddle around for storage purposes, be aware that the Blackstone has four wheels versus the Camp Chef’s two. Regardless of which you choose, you are getting a good griddle, and in the case of the Camp Chef, a built-in gas grill as well.