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7 Tips For Buying Traeger Pro 575’s

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Buy Traeger Pro 575

The Traeger Pro 575 might be the smallest wood pellet grill in the Pro Series lineup, but it is still big on versatility and innovation.

This starts with the fact that it’s WiFIRE-enabled to let you remotely monitor how the Pro 575 is doing, while also giving you access to tons of popular Traeger recipe ideas. 

The Traeger Pro 575 is sold at Home Depot and other brick-and-mortar licensed retailers for around $8.99.

If you are looking for a discount, you can get the Traeger Silverton 620 at Costco for hundreds of dollars cheaper, and it is nearly the exact same wood pellet grill. 

As the name implies the Traeger Pro 575 only has 575 square inches of grilling space.

This is big enough for a typical family of four, but it might be a little too small if you need to feed more than five people. 

Buying Traeger Pro 575 at Costco

The Traeger Pro 575 isn’t currently part of Costco’s current lineup of wood pellet grills.

However, the Traeger Silverton 620 is nearly identical to the Pro 575, while being slightly larger in cooking capacity as well as several hundred dollars cheaper for Costco members. 

Buy Traeger Pro 575 at Home Depot

Home Depot Carries the Traeger Pro 575 priced at $899.99.

This is the same price you would pay for the grill at Traeger’s website, though when you purchase directly from a local Home Depot you don’t have to pay any shipping costs. 

Traeger notes that the shipping cost for a Pro 575 starts at $50.

Home Depot is also more likely to have the Pro 575 on sale around Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Father’s Day, and possibly even as part of an “End of Summer” inventory clearance sale. 

Is the Traeger Pro 575 Worth It?

The Traeger Pro 575 is worth the money if you have a small family and you love to smoke meat a lot.

If you have more than a family of four, you’ll probably find it a little too small. 

If you have a somewhat limited budget the Traeger Pro 575 might be a little overpriced compared to similar models like the Costco Traeger Silverton 620 or the Pit Boss Pro Series II 600.

Is Traeger Pro 575 Big Enough?

The Traeger Pro 575 is just big enough to feed a family of four.

If you need to feed more than four to five people, you might want to look at a larger model like the Traeger Pro 780, or the Costco Traeger Silverton 810.

Both of these models offer more than 200 additional square inches of grill grate space, yet they still burn through about the same volume of wood pellets per hour as the Traeger Pro 575.

Does the Traeger Pro 575 Have Super Smoke?

Unfortunately, the Traeger Pro 575 doesn’t have the Super Smoke feature.

Though there are things you can do to boost the smoke density inside the primary cooking chamber that will closely replicate the Super Smoke feature found on other Traeger Models. 

This start with preheating your Traeger Pro 575 at a temperature of 165 to 180 degrees for 15-minutes before turning it to a hotter temp.

This maximizes the smoke density in the chamber better than if you simply set it hot to begin with. 

You can also cover the Traeger Pro 575 with an insulated grill blanket. Not only will this optimize the heat control, but it will help the wood pellet grill to retain more smoke throughout a long cook. 

Final Thoughts

The Traeger Pro 575 might be limited in size and slightly high in price, but it still remains a very versatile, high-quality wood pellet grill.

You can typically find it at Home Depot and other retail stores for around $899.99.

Buying the Traeger Pro 575 from a brick-and-mortar retail store saves you money, as Traeger charges shipping and handling on all their online orders.

This can save you around $50. 

The cost of a Traeger Pro 575 is also a statement of material build quality as Traeger has a reputation for quality. Though it might not be big enough if you need to feed more than four people at a time.