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11 Things To Know About Traeger’s Low Temp Error

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Traeger Low Temp Error

WiFIRE-enabled Traeger grills will issue a low-temperature warning anytime the internal temperature dips below 120 degrees for 10 minutes or more. Most of the time this is simply a matter of the flame going out in the firepot while running on a temp setting under 250-degrees. 

A lot of times the easiest remedy for a low temp error like this is to reignite the grill. Though you will need to do so with the lid closed. 

Error codes on a WiFIRE-enabled Traeger grill are relatively rare but need to be dealt with properly. This includes things like high-temperature warnings, low-temperature warnings, or problems with the RTD that helps regulate the temperature of the grill. 

Some of these fixes you can handle yourself, though a few like the ER2 code require the help of Traeger’s customer service department. 

What Does Low Temp Error Mean on Traeger?

Any time a WiFIRE-enabled Traeger grill goes below 120-degrees for 10 or more minutes it will send a low-temperature warning to the device paired with the WiFIRE app. This is usually caused by the flame going out in the firepot, and you simply need to reignite the grill. 

Traeger Pro 575 Low Temp Error

WiFIRE-enabled grills like the Traeger Pro 575 will typically send a low-temperature error message to the smartphone or tablet it is paired to. This lets you know that the fire has gone out inside the grill or that some other fault is causing the internal temperature to drop to 120 degrees or lower. 

How To Fix Low Temp Error On Traeger

If your WiFIRE-enabled Traeger grill is giving you a low-temperature warning, you can usually resolve the issue by reigniting the grill with the lid closed. 

Traeger Error Codes

WiFire-enabled Traeger Grills like the Traeger Pro 575, the Pro 780, Ironwood Series, Timberline, and Silverton’s have a variety of error codes that might be relayed to the device the grill is paired with. The specific code will tell you what needs to be done to rectify the problem. 

HEr Code

This refers to a High Temperature Error, which occurs anytime the internal temperature of the smoking chamber exceeds 550-degrees for more than 45 seconds. When it happens the grill automatically shuts off the auger and the fan to start the cool-down process. 

After the internal temperature falls below 450 degrees, the auger will run for 2 minutes to clear any embers from the auger tube, but the hot rod in the firepot will remain inactive. 

Once the Traeger cools all the way down you’ll need to start it up yourself once you’re ready to fire it up again. Though you should be suspicious of damage to the meat probes. 

A lot of HEr warnings are related to low-grade pellets leaving wood fibers that start an unregulated flame in the firepot. So, it’s probably wise to dispose of those pellets and refill them hopper with high-quality Traeger wood pellets. 

LEr Code

This is a low-temperature error that is sent to the WiFIRE app on your smartphone any time the internal temperature of the smoking chamber drops below 120 degrees for more than 10 minutes. 

Most of the time this is triggered by the flame going out in the firepot, and you simply need to restart the Traeger grill again with the lid closed before you can fully clear the code. 


This is a general error code that usually means the RTD probe needs replacing. This is the resistance temperature detector, that regulates the internal temperature of your Traeger grill and the firepot’s performance. You will need to order a replacement part to properly clear it in the long term. 


This is an error code indicating a loose connection in the temperature probe. All you need to do is make sure the wire is properly seated and any surrounding fasteners are tightened. 


This indicates that some type of short circuit has occurred with the RTD probe. Typically this code requires a call to Traeger’s customer service team to help determine what exactly the problem is. 

Final Thoughts

A WiFIRE-enabled Traeger like the Pro 575 can sometimes send a low temperature (LEr) alert to your smartphone or other paired wireless device. This code occurs any time the internal temperature dips below 120 degrees for 10 minutes or more. 

Most of the time the LEr code can be easily dealt with by reigniting the grill with the lid closed. Though there are other error codes to beware of including HEr codes for high-temperature warnings or ER1 or ER2 which signal an issue with the RTD. 

A lot of these codes you can easily fix yourself, though a few like the ER2 code require the help of Traeger’s customer service department.