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5 Things To Know About Using Blackstone Griddles In An Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen is only as good as its equipment, and a Blackstone griddle is an excellent choice for a modern outdoor kitchen. 

The right grill, griddle, and cooking arrangement can improve every cooking experience, whether it’s dinner for the family or a backyard party with the neighbors.

Your griddle can cook food for as many guests as you can hold in your backyard, particularly when paired with associated equipment like a fryer or prep station. 

Of course, your Blackstone griddle can also help you create the ideal cooking spot when you’re limited on space.

Design options for your outdoor kitchen are limitless, even if all you’ve got to work with is a small yard behind your house that’s big enough for your griddle and a small seating area. 

Will you choose a movable cook station, prefab construction, or a custom built-in?

The size, purpose, and budget of your outdoor kitchen will influence your decision. 

How Do You Make an Outdoor Blackstone Kitchen?

As you design your ideal backyard kitchen, you’ll need to make decisions about your prep area, cooking accessories, layout, and whether you’ll cover the kitchen area or leave it uncovered. 

All design decisions should stem from the arrangement and needs of your outdoor Blackstone kitchen equipment. 

Still, you may also want to think about seating capacity for guests and whether you’ll include features like cabinets, a refrigerator, an air fryer, or a traditional fryer.

If you’re handy with a tape measure, you can take your own measurements to determine where to arrange your outdoor Blackstone kitchen equipment, taking care to place the griddle at an appropriate distance from your seating area.

Blackstone manufactures several griddle styles, which gives you options for placement amongst your other kitchen equipment.

Can Blackstone Griddle Be Built-In?

If your goal is to create a permanent outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to know whether a Blackstone griddle can be built-in.

Although Blackstone designs their griddles to act as a movable kitchen option, there are options to create a built-in look with your Blackstone griddle. 

One option is to build a permanent structure around your freestanding Blackstone griddle.

Not only will this arrangement create a convenient space for food prep near your griddle, but you can move your griddle at any time if the need arises.

A second option is to remove the legs of your Blackstone griddle and place it on a counter somewhere in your outdoor kitchen.

When designing the spacing of your counters and prep area, it’s best to leave at least six inches of clearance around your griddle to maintain proper airflow and maximize the large, convenient cooktop. 

Blackstone Griddle Insert for Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re working with limited space, you may find it helpful to investigate accessories and upgrades for your outdoor kitchen that don’t require extensive building and materials. 

A Blackstone griddle is ideal for expanding the functionality of your outdoor kitchen.

A conventional barbecue is an excellent option for the traditionalist who treats barbecuing as an art that takes a lifetime to master.

However, a Blackstone griddle insert can help any experienced outdoor chef create a more comprehensive array of meals for family and friends.

Some of the cooking options a Blackstone griddle gives you include pancakes, marinated veggies, and steakhouse-style meat.

The portable options are popular for tailgates and camping, but they’re also a versatile addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Installing Blackstone Griddle in Outdoor Kitchen

As you explore the options for your outdoor kitchen, you may want to decide between a modular setup or a permanent arrangement of furniture and equipment. 

Installing your Blackstone griddle is possible within a permanent outdoor kitchen or a modular outdoor kitchen. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a large, rural backyard with a view, your Blackstone griddle might sit nicely on a cement patio near your guest seating.

You’ll enjoy the camaraderie and social aspects of outdoor cooking with seating near your cooking area.

The expansive cooktop allows you to create a large meal, and the adjustable burners make it easy to cook different foods simultaneously.

It’s easy to keep the outdoor kitchen clean, too, with the flat surface of the griddle.

Final Thoughts

An outdoor kitchen is a place to socialize with family and friends and make memories during holiday celebrations. 

A Blackstone griddle is an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen, particularly when you want to get creative with the types of food you cook for your guests.

One of the benefits of using a Blackstone griddle for your outdoor kitchen is that you can weave it into the design of a brand-new kitchen, or you can easily fit it into an existing setup.

As with all of your outdoor kitchen equipment, you’ll want to explore all of the sizes and options for Blackstone griddles, so you can install the one that fits best in your space and offers you the most enjoyable cooking experience.