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8 Things To Know About Storing Your Blackstone Griddle

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How do I store my Blackstone griddle?

Storage of your Blackstone griddle is all going to come down to how much space you typically have to put an item like this away. Most people try to find a griddle that will fit into the space that they already have in their home.

Blackstone griddles are great for being able to be stored easily and not having to worry too much about what you need to do when you need to get them back out.

If you are concerned about space requirements, make sure you get a griddle that will easily fit in the space where you live. 

Can the Blackstone griddle be stored outside?

You can certainly store your Blackstone griddle outside if you wish. In fact, most people do store their griddle outdoors.

If you’re concerned about extreme weather in your area, then you should perhaps bring your griddle inside in those situations. However, the Blackstone griddle is created in a way that allows it to be durable against almost all weather conditions. 

Can you store the Blackstone griddle in the garage?

We must urge extreme caution before you consider putting your Blackstone griddle in your garage. Although it may seem like you’re an ideal space to put your Blackstone griddle, the chances of there being a dangerous situation when this occurs are too high to take the rest.

The problem is that this griddle is run on propane, and if you aren’t paying attention to what’s happening with your propane tanks on your griddle, situations can occur that could be dangerous. Your garage is not the safest place to keep your Blackstone griddle.

If you are concerned about space requirements, you should consider keeping your griddle outside or perhaps getting a smaller griddle that is more attuned to the kind of space that you already have. 

What do you do with Blackstone in winter?

Believe it or not, your Blackstone griddle is actually designed to be okay in the winter outside. You don’t necessarily have to bring it indoors just to keep it safe from the weather conditions. There is a chance that rust and other issues may occur because of extreme cold weather.

However, the griddle is designed to resist these kinds of things, and if you take good preventive maintenance care of your griddle, you shouldn’t run into too many issues with rust.

While many people do find it optimal to bring their griddle inside, you need to make sure that you put it in a place where it is and I don’t pose any risk to yourself or your family. The garage is not an ideal spot to keep your griddle.

If you happen to have a cover for your griddle or some kind of outdoor covering in which to keep it safe from the weather that will not also cause a risk to your health, then you might consider keeping it in that area.

Blackstone griddle storage tote

One great option for those who want to keep their Blackstone griddle safe for the longest period of time possible is to consider purchasing Blackstone storage tote. 

The company sells this type of storage tote in order to provide a safe storage place for your Blackstone griddle in the event of extreme weather. Many people also find it to be a great way to save space in their home or place of business. If you have the griddle in the storage tote, it is out of sight and out of mind until it is needed again.

Perhaps you store it away during the offseason, aka the winter, in order to keep it safe from those elements and to keep it out of the way until you’re ready to use it.

The storage tote is a reasonable investment to put into your griddle since you’ve already spent the money that you needed to purchase the griddle in the first place. 

Is Blackstone griddle cover waterproof?

The Blackstone griddle cover is waterproof as it is designed to resist all types of weather and to keep the girls safe no matter what is happening outside. 

If your griddle gets stuck in a thunderstorm or downpour of rain of any kind, the cover will help keep the griddle from the danger of water and causing issues like rust. You should consider purchasing the cover for your griddle in order to maintain its lifespan and keep it as safe as possible from all potential risks of damage from the rain.

A little extra investment in a cover like this will pay off dividends in the long run when you are able to get more life out of your griddle than you ever would have before.

Blackstone griddle utensil storage

Don’t forget to store away the extra utilities that you use with your Blackstone griddle. Those extra tools that come along with the griddle are important to make sure you have the ultimate cooking experience. If you take care of those tools they will take care of you. 

Final Thoughts

You could do a lot worse than to get a Blackstone griddle that works for you no matter the season. You should try to get all of the necessary protective equipment for it such as the weatherproof coverings and the like to make sure it works great, but don’t worry about how much this extra investment will cost. The reality is, you will make back a lot more on your investment than you ever put into it.