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7 Things To Know If Your Blackstone Griddle Top Is Warped

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Blackstone griddle top warped

You have assembled your Blackstone griddle, you have fired it up, and you have properly seasoned the cooking surface. Then you notice that the griddle looks a bit off.

Upon closer inspection, the cooking surface is warped. If this has happened to you, your first instinct may be to panic.

Why did this happen? Is my griddle more prone to warping than others? Why does the Blackstone 22-inch griddle seem to be a problem? Can I fix this or do I need to send it in? Can I straighten it at home?

Why did my Blackstone griddle warp?

The metal expands and contracts as it heats up and cools down, which is why your Blackstone griddle could warp. The reaction is more drastic when this heating and cooling happens rapidly.

 Blackstone recognizes this and cautions that it is normal early on.

Whether you are cooking in cold temperatures or your griddle was shipped through cold, warping is not something to panic over and is part of the natural processes metal goes through when exposed to heat and cold.

Other possible reasons cause warping. If you preheat your Blackstone griddle hot and then apply cold food, that can cause the metal to react and contract, which can lead to warping.

If your cleaning process involves pouring large amounts of water onto a still-hot griddle, the water can shock the metal and cause warping. You should only use water in small amounts to target sticky messes that resist gentle scraping.

You should also avoid placing any kind of frozen food directly on a preheated griddle.

Warping can also occur when you preheat your Blackstone griddle with the heat set too high.

Gradual preheating should prevent warping, but sudden temperature changes as discussed above are the leading cause of warping.

Another possible cause of warping is not using all the burners when cooking.

While you can certainly have burners at different levels of heat, having a burner off entirely can lead to warping because of the large temperature difference. 

Which griddles are more prone to becoming warped?

Blackstone notes that its 22-inch griddle is a big culprit when it comes to warping or “crowning.” Crowning is when the metal rises abnormally.

The 22-inch model is prone to crowning in the middle due to heat distribution.

Blackstone has reinforced the griddle top with bars welded across the griddle plate from below, but the cooking surface can still warp because of the natural expansion and contraction of metal.

Blackstone 22 griddle top warped

The 22-inch Blackstone griddles are prone to crowning in the middle due to how much heat the burners generate. 

A small amount of crowning should not affect performance, but if you are having problems cooking, you should contact Blackstone customer service.

Can you fix a warped griddle top?

It is possible for you to fix your warped griddle top on your Blackstone, but it is not guaranteed. Continue to use your griddle as long as the warping does not cause a safety issue. The repeated warming and cooling can cause the griddle top to even out over time. 

How do you straighten a warped griddle?

The safest way to straighten your warped griddle is by slowly and gradually warming it up and cooking on it with food that is not frozen or even fresh from the refrigerator. 

Allowing your griddle to gradually warm and slowly cool down can help straighten out the warped areas.

Taking proper care with how you prepare, cook, and clean can reverse warping and prevent additional damage.

If the griddle top is permanently warped and hard to cook on, consult Blackstone customer service.

Final thoughts

A warped Blackstone griddle can be discouraging for any backyard cook.

There may be multiple specific causes for warping, but warping always comes back to how the metal behaves when it heats and cools. Sudden temperature changes can cause the metal to expand or contract improperly, leading to warping.

The Blackstone 22-inch model does seem to be more susceptible to crowning in the middle, which is why Blackstone has welded support bars to the underside of the flat top.

If you have encountered warping of your Blackstone griddle, gradually preheating it, cooking on it, and allowing it to slowly cool down repeatedly can help fix the warp.

However, if the warping is too severe and you cannot get it to go away despite repeated cooking, you should reach out to Blackstone customer service.