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Blackstone Front VS Rear Grease Tray (Which One Is Better?)

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Many people wonder which side to put the grease tray and trap in the front or the back. It is all in the preference and if there is any slight tilting with the griddle. Since the griddle is flat and no openings in between, the grease has to flow somewhere. This article gives insight into which one works best and some tips on modifications to catch as much grease as possible while cooking. 

Blackstone Griddle Grease Tray Modifications 

Your griddle should be level at all times when cooking, but to get it to perfection outdoors, you may notice that the oil drains one way or the other.

There are holes in the front or back of the griddle top, and determining which grease cup is placed can be difficult. The best way is to put a little bit of oil while oiling the griddle in the center of the griddle and see which way the oil drains. 

Some significant modifications are adding trays to steer the grease where you want it to go. You need to ask yourself where you are cooking with the griddle and see what the grease does.

These are the spots you will want to put your drainage and grease tray. Aluminum or steel trays work the best, and you can fit the trays in the front or back of the griddle because not all of the grease will go through the drainage holes. In many situations, these areas will cake up with excess grease and possibly cause a fire, or it will be difficult to clean over time. 

Be sure to get the grease cup with handles and a hook to connect to the griddle. This will ensure a safe attachment without the fear of spilling or splashing hot grease everywhere, causing burns and messes. 

Blackstone Rear Grease Tray

One of the best reasons is that if the grease tray is on the back of the griddle, it is out of sight and out of the way.

The cooks will stand at the front of the griddle to cook, and the grease is safely out of the way from splashing and causing unnecessary burns. 

The downside to having the drainage line and tray on the back of the griddle is you have to walk around the back to tell when the tray is full and needs to be emptied.

Another bad point is that if the griddle has a cover, putting the grease tray in the back is not good.

This will cause excess grease, causing it to be more challenging to clean or may even cause a grease fire. 

Blackstone Front Grease Tray

There are a few advantages to having the grease trap in the front of the skillet. For starters, the tray is in plain view while you are cooking.

This lets the user keep an eye on what’s happening and if the tray needs to be emptied out. If there is a cover with the griddle, the best bet is to install the grease trap in the front. 

These are the downsides of having the grease trap in the front. Number one, this is where the burners are, and it can cause damage to the connections and switches.

Not to mention how difficult it will be to clean the burners and other connections and components in the way. We advise you to stay cautious and be aware of any splashing with the trap in the front. This is where your cooking area is, and we want you to be safe. 

Which Grease Trap is Better?

As mentioned in the beginning, it is mainly at the cook’s preference. Every situation is different and can alter the preference.

We found that the grease trap worked better in the back without a cover. When there is a cover, the grease trap works best in the front of the griddle. 

Where Does the Grease Go on a Blackstone Grill? 

On a Blackstone griddle, there is a hole in the front and the back of the griddle where the grease runs off the flat surface. Which direction it goes depends on which way the gravity is pulling the grease.

It also depends on whether or not the user is steering the grease in a specific direction with a spatula or other cooking tool. 

What Do You Do with Grease from Blackstone?

Many people do not like to waste anything. For instance, bacon grease is a favorite among cooks.

It adds flavor to the meal, and people love it. Depending on what you cook, some people store cooked grease in a mason jar and reuse it for cooking oil for other dishes. 

How Do You Clean a Grease Trap on a Blackstone Griddle?

Keeping the grease trap clean is a good idea because if it is not clean, it will back up and cause the grease to run over or catch fire. Simple soap, water, and a brush will do the trick. Make sure it is completely dry when you are finished to prevent rust.

Final Thoughts

What else can we say about the grease trap on a Blackstone griddle? It goes with the cook’s preference and what works best for you.

As long as it catches all of the grease and you keep it clean, it will always do the job, whether you put the grease trap in the front or the back of the griddle.