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8 Things To Know About Blackstone Griddle Stands 

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Blackstone Griddle Stand

Blackstone’s larger griddles like the 36-inch 1866 and the 28-inch Culinary Pro Cart come with cart-style stands included in the initial purchase.

The Blackstone Tailgater and the 22-inch version of the Adventure Ready even come with their own adjustable cart to make it easily portable. There is even a model that combines Blackstone’s popular 22-inch On The Go griddle with a wheeled scissor stand.

However, smaller Blackstone griddles like the 17-inch version of the Adventure Ready, the 17-inch Original 1814, and their smaller tabletop models don’t come with stands.

This has inspired some capable do-it-yourselfers to engineer their own stands to help support their outdoor griddles when tabletops simply aren’t available.

Do Blackstone Griddles Come with Stands?

The Blackstone Tailgater and the 22-inch version of the Blackstone Adventure Ready do come with stands, though a lot of Blackstone’s smaller tabletop models do not come with a stand. Instead, these smaller models tend to have small rubber-coated feet to hold them securely in place.  

What Kind of Stands Can Blackstone Come With?

The Blackstone Tailgater and the 22-inch version of the Adventure Ready come with a stand that has adjustable legs. A newer version of the 22-inch On The Go also comes with a wheeled scissor stand that makes it extremely portable.

Homemade Blackstone Griddle Stand

When it comes to building a homemade stand for a Blackstone griddle, the first thing you have to do is decide if you want it to be a portable or stationary built-in stand.

While you can certainly build a stand with lumber to create a tabletop, it might be easier to start with an adjustable height heavy-duty workstation.

These are essentially portable workbenches that you see a lot of contractors using to mount power tools at a job site. You can then build your own modest tabletop from lumber and put tool hooks and side prep tables where you want them.

Using a weather-resistant type of lumber on the tabletop like cedar, cypress, or brown-treated pine can give the stand the endurance to live out on your deck during the summer months.

When you want to take your Blackstone griddle with you camping or tailgating, the griddle easily comes off the tabletop.

Then you can load the adjustable workstation into the back of your pickup truck or SUV. They are meant to be portable enough for contractors to take them just about anywhere.

If you are going to set up later at a primitive campsite, the beach, or somewhere with uneven ground, make sure to pack some simple shims with you. This will let you level the homemade griddle stand so that any rendered fat on the griddle’s cooktop flows to the grease management system as intended.

Blackstone Griddle Without Stand

The Blackstone 17-inch Original 1814, the Blackstone 17-inch Adventure Ready, the 22-inch electric, and the Original 22-inch were designed to be used as table top griddles.

They do not come with any sort of stand, but they do have rubber-coated feet to help hold it firmly in place on countertops, patio, and picnic tables.   

Is There An Aftermarket Accessory Stand For Blackstone Griddles?

There are some aftermarket retailers who sell an accessory stand that is meant to hold a 17-inch or a 22-inch Blackstone griddle. It has adjustable legs just like the Blackstone Tailgater, which lets you level it properly on uneven ground. There’s also a folding side shelf with enough room to hold a modest prep or serving platter.

It is engineered to hold a Blackstone tabletop griddle firmly in place to let it live on your deck or patio. Yet it also collapses easily for times when you need it to be portable.

Blackstone 22 Griddle Stand with Wheels

There is a version of the Blackstone On The Go that pairs the 22-inch griddle with a collapsible wheeled scissor stand.

This lets you roll the griddle just about anywhere on a pair of heavy-duty rigid wheels. When you get to your campsite, or place on the beach, it expands and the stand locks confidently in place.

Final Thoughts

Blackstone offers an impressive lineup of 17-inch and 22-inch tabletop grills that don’t come with a stand included in the original purchase. Though some of them, like the 22-inch On The Go, are available with a wheeled scissor stand.

Other models like the Tailgater and the 22-inch version of the Adventure ready have adjustable stands included in the purchase, which give them the ability to live on your deck, yet the portability to go just about anywhere you need to take them.

If you are particularly handy, you might want to try building your own homemade stand for a tabletop Blackstone griddle. If so, it might help to start with an adjustable workbench as a sturdy base that lets you engineer your own custom tabletop with mounts and tool hooks.