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5 Tips For Attaching A Paper Towel Holder To Blackstone Griddle

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Attaching Paper Towel Holder to Blackstone Griddle

You are bound to use a lot of paper towels when cooking on a griddle, which is why so many people think of ways to attach a paper towel holder to their Blackstone griddle.

By hanging a holder, instead of just keeping a loose roll around, you reduce the risk of it falling on the ground.

Paper towel holder or hanger also makes it easier to grab one sheet and rip it off with one hand, leaving your other hand free to tend the griddle.

There are a few different ways to attach a paper towel holder to your Blackstone griddle.

Though you have to be mindful not to place it too close to the propane burner’s flame or too close to the cooktop where grease spatters can make a mess of the paper towels.

The side table tends to be the best place to install a paper towel holder to most Blackstone models. Though how you choose to attach it, could potentially affect the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

If you’ve been thinking about finding a way to keep a roll of paper towels near your Blackstone griddle, you might want to consider some of the following tips.

Should You Attach a Paper Towel holder to a Blackstone Griddle?

Adding a paper towel holder to your Blackstone griddle can be very handy when you are cooking.

Though you do have to attach it far enough away from the flame of the burners, the grease management system, and the grease spatters of the cooktop.

If your model has a side table, it can be the ideal location to attach a simple paper towel holder.

One thing you need to keep in mind though is that all Blackstone griddles come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that states that the griddle will be “free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for which it was intended.”

This means if you make any permanent changes to the finish of your Blackstone griddle by doing something like attaching the paper towel holder with self-tapping sheet metal screws, then chances are Blackstone will consider the warranty void. If you are okay with this, then it is a non-factor.

How Do You Attach a Paper Towel to a Blackstone Griddle?

Attaching a paper towel holder to a Blackstone griddle is relatively easy to do, and can be accomplished with a few basic tools, a coat hanger, and a 14-inch section of wood dowel.

Materials & Tools You Will Need

A wire coat hanger

A power drill with

A ¼-inch wood drill bit

A ¼ inch metal drill bit

A 14-inch piece of wood dowel

A sturdy pair of pliers with a wire cutter

A permanent marker

Step One: Use the permanent marker to make a dot half an inch from the end of the wood dowel.

Step Two: Use the power drill and quarter-inch wood drill bit to drill out the marks on the dowel. If you don’t feel comfortable with holding it steady by hand, you might want to secure the dowel in a bench vice.

Step Three: Carefully measure the coat hanger and use the wire cutter in the jaws of the pliers to cut the long brace section in half, before cutting the hanger off.

Step Four: Take the long section of coat hanger wire, and double it over. Then crease it with the pliers.

Step Five: Use the pliers to make a bend 2 inches down from the crease to create a 90-degree angle.

Step Six: Make a 90-degree bend in the other direction about 3 inches down from the first bend. This will give you a sort of Z shape, with one end of the Z being shorter than the other.

Step Seven: Repeat this process with the other section of the hanger wire.

Step Eight: Insert the small end of each wire Z into the holes in your wood dowel.

Step Nine: Use the quarter-inch metal drill bit to make two holes in the side table of your Blackstone griddle. They should be the same distance apart as your Z-shaped wire hanger brackets.

Step Ten: Insert the longer tag ends of the wire hangers into the holes. Then load a roll of paper towel on the dowel and hang it on the side of the griddle.

When Should You Add a Paper Towel Holder to a Blackstone Griddle?

If you are concerned about voiding the warranty on your Blackstone griddle, you should wait until one year after registering it with the manufacturer.

The manufacturer notes that anytime you modify the finish or materials of one of their products that “The original purchaser must notify North Atlantic Imports LLC of breach of warranty within the applicable warranty period.”

If everything is in good working order with your Blackstone griddle, then you might want to add the paper towel holder in the early days.

This will let you wipe things down, clean up grease spills and keep your griddle clean without having to use two hands to manipulate a simple roll of paper towels.

Final Thoughts

Adding a paper towel holder to the side shelf or another part of your Blackstone griddle helps you keep your hands and your cooking experience clean.

Just keep in mind that if you drill holes in your Blackstone griddle’s exterior finish in the first year, it could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Though you might be able to avoid making permanent changes to the finish of your griddle by using heavy-duty contact adhesive hooks.

However, you choose to attach a paper towel holder to your Blackstone griddle, the tools and materials are relatively simple.

With little more than a wire coat hanger, a 14-inch section of the dowel, and a power drill with the right bits, you should be able to hang a clean roll of paper towels off your griddle in a matter of minutes.