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6 Things To Know About Frozen Blackstone Griddle Propane

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Blackstone Griddle Propane Freezing

When the propane system of a Blackstone griddle freezes up the problem is usually related to either the regulator or a low level of liquid propane in the tank.

This is even more likely to be an issue if the outside temperature is cold. Many times the regulator freezing up on a propane line is related to a built-in safety feature triggering deep in the regulator or the liquid propane supply.

To find the best way to get your griddle’s propane system working again, we are going to have to ask and answer some important questions.

Why Is My Blackstone Regulator Freezing?

Propane regulators, like the one that comes with most Blackstone models, have a special safety feature built into them that closes off the propane supply from the tank when the pressure is too high or inconsistent.

When it engages, you need to reset it through a specific procedure before the propane can flow from the tank again.

It is also possible for a propane tank and regulator to freeze up in cold conditions.

Especially if your liquid propane tank is starting to run low. Cold ambient pressure can make it hard for liquid propane to go through the heat transfer necessary to become a flammable gas.

Is It Normal for a Propane Tank to Frost?

When the local weather has high humidity and modest to cool temperatures, frost can easily form on the exterior of a liquid propane tank.

This is due to the heat energy transfer that occurs as the condensed liquid propane transforms into its gaseous state before combusting in the griddle’s propane burners.  

You can even use this frost line on the outside of the tank to give you a vague indication of how much liquid propane remains in the tank.

If the tank appears to be running low, and the temperatures are near freezing outside, you should consider swapping the tank out before it freezes up due to low internal pressure.

How Do You Fix a Propane Regulator That Freezes?

When a propane regulator freezes up due to cold temperatures or an inconsistent gas flow from the tank, the regulator needs to be reset.

The procedure for doing this is a little bit different on a larger 20-pound liquid propane tank than a 1-pound canister. Especially if cold temperatures are causing the freeze-up.

How To Reset Your Blackstone Griddle’s Propane Regulator

Step One: Close the valve on the top of the liquid propane tank

Step Two: Carefully disconnect the hose and regulator from the propane tank

Step Three: Open the hood on your griddle and turn all your burner valves to high

Step Four: Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the gas in the line to release the pressure

Step Five: Turn off all the burner valves

Step Six: Reconnect the gas line and regulator back to the propane tank

Step Seven: Slowly open the valve on the propane tank

Step Eight: Try to light the grill like normal

How To Reset The Regulator on a 1-Pound Propane Canister

If you have a smaller Blackstone griddle that runs off a one-pound propane canister you need to first check to make sure that the angle of the canister is roughly at a 45-degree angle. If it already is, then you can use the following steps to reset the small regulator in the control knob.

Step One: Close the valves on the griddle and the propane canister

Step Two: Disconnect the propane canister. If the weather is cold take it and the regulator indoors to warm up.

Step Three: Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the regulator to thaw before reconnecting the regulator

Step Four: Reconnect the 1-pound propane canister, set it at a 45-degree angle & attempt to light the griddle like normal.

Final Thoughts

When a Blackstone griddle’s propane system freezes up, you can usually fix the problem by resetting the regulator.

Though cold weather and a low propane supply can sometimes combine to affect the pressure in the propane tank to the point where it can’t release a consistent stream of gas.

If this happens with a one-pound canister and regulator, you might need to warm them up as part of the resetting process.

If you have a 20-pound liquid propane tank running your Blackstone griddle, and it runs low on a cold day, you might need to swap it out for a full tank before resetting the regulator, to correct the problem.