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Where To Buy Traeger Accessories? (Explained)

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Where To Buy Traeger Accessories

In the past, Traeger drew a little criticism for not offering a lot of accessories for their wood pellet grills.

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In recent years they have dramatically embraced innovation to offer up new convenient accessories as well as the special PAL “Pull-And-Lock” rail accessories for premium grills like the Traeger Timberline XL. 

Traeger’s accessories can easily be found on their website, as well as on Amazon, and retailers like Home Depot.

Some of the most popular options include grill covers, barbecue tools, drip tray liners, ash keg liners, and even detachable shelves. 

Topping the list of must-have Traeger accessories are the drip pan liners, ash keg liners, and grill tools. They make it easier to use and clean your new Traeger grill, leaving more time for you to enjoy your smoky delicious meals. 

Traeger Accessories Home Depot

As a premium retailer of Traeger wood pellet grills, Home Depot offers a broad lineup of Traeger accessories.

This includes Traeger covers, drip pan liners, ash keg liners, seasoning rubs, marinades, grill tools, grill trays, and even Traeger branded Oren Butcher Paper. 

Home Depot also sells accessories for Traeger’s PAL “Pop-And-Lock” system that lets you customize your grilling experience. Some of the most popular Traeger PAL accessories include a variety of front shelves, a storage bin, a paper towel holder, and adjustable tool hooks. 

Traeger Accessories Amazon

Amazon is known for selling just about anything, including an extensive lineup of Traeger accessories.

This includes all the accessories for the Traeger Pop-And-Lock system as well as model-specific grill covers, drip pan liners, ash keg liners, seasoning rubs, marinades, grill tools, grill trays, and even Traeger branded Oren Butcher Paper.

Should You Buy Accessories for Traegers?

Traeger drip pan liners, ash keg liners, and grilling tools stand as the most popular accessories to add to your Traeger grilling arsenal.

If you have one of the high-end models like the Traeger XL with the Pop-And-Lock rail system

When Should You Consider Buying Accessories for Traegers?

The best time to get Traeger accessories is early on in the life of the grill. Most people get a model-specific grill cover when they buy the grill just to protect their investment from the elements. 

Grill tools, a model-specific grill cover, and liners are also handy for the first-time purchase to make sure you have everything you need to treat your new Traeger grill right.

They also help protect, what is admittedly a sizeable investment. 

If you are buying a Traeger Timberline with the Pop-And-Lock rail system then you might want to invest in a few key accessories like the detachable, adjustable front shelf.

As you get to know the grill better and the ways you prefer to use it, you can invest in other PAL accessories like the paper towel holder or the tool hooks. 

Traeger Accessories Must Haves

It’s tempting to forgo some of the seemingly simple accessories like the drip pan liner or ash keg liner.

Though they will go a long way toward making the cleanup process and breeze, while also reducing your need to deep clean your new Traeger grill as often. 

You will also need some grill tools to properly handle the meat you put on the grill.

Especially making it safe to move it from the grate to the plate without risk of that fall-off-the-bone-tender meat falling on the ground!

Final Thoughts

Once upon a time, Traeger was criticized for standing put on accessories for their high-quality wood pellet grills.

Recently, they’ve started embracing innovation which includes a new series of accessories including must-have items like drip pan liners, ash keg liners, and grill tools.  

Traeger also has a new “Pull-And-Lock” rail system known as PAL. It allows you to pick and choose accessories to customize their top-of-the-line grill like the Traeger Timberline XL. 

You can find all of Traeger’s accessories on their website, on Amazon, or through their retailers like Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes. 

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